The early symptoms of Alzheimer's who need to know

Alzheimer's is a deadly disease that damages the nerve cells of the brain. So sufferers experience senile and can not move because of brain damage. This disease usually affects many elderly aged 65 years.

Initially patients with Alzheimer's will be impaired cognitive brain functions like memory or speech language. Over time there are additional disorders such as suspicious behavior, hallucinations up grumpy unclear.

Alzheimer's sufferers will also experience symptoms of motor disorders such as body weak to sit in a wheelchair. In later stages, the whole activity of the patient will greatly depend on others.

If one family member is experiencing these symptoms should quickly do the screening of dementia of Alzheimer further to the doctor so as not to be late. If it's too late this disease is difficult to treat.
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Children are not creative, trigger Alzheimer's

Already obligations of parents to develop kreativititas children. Because in addition to ensure the growth, it also prevents Alzheimer's disease later in life.
Causes and risk that would occur if the problem was not immediately prevented.

Children are not creative when Elementary School could tend Alzheimer's in old age later. From a small work function of the child's brain was hard work optimally.

Parents should be careful in educating children, especially when they were in elementary school. At least, support all the capabilities of the brain and do occasionally hamper their creativity, although considered not suitable for the child.

A person convicted of Alzheimer's when it can not recover. From her birth risk factors has been much savings, so should the disease is prevented from now.
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Keep your body fit at Christmas

The joy of Christmas highly anticipated moment of the Christians. However, at the time of celebrating Christmas party, you need to be vigilant with erratic weather. Here are four tips so you do not fall ill after celebrating the Christmas holiday

Keep your body fit at Christmas
Do not be too tired
Christmas party was so much fun celebrating with family, usually someone forgot to condition his body was too tired. Remember, you are the only person who can control his own body condition. If you're feeling tired should fall ill a short break rather than later.

Drink lots of water
Given the activities going on at the moment drained Christmas celebration, do not forget to save mineral water in the bag. As is known, mineral water very potent neutralizing toxins in the body of a person, especially in the current condition of the body is weak.

Keeping cholesterol
Various meals are served during the Christmas celebrations, regardless of nutrition. We recommend that you keep your food portions, especially when food was sparked cholesterol in the body, so it can trigger a stroke.

Keeping calories
In time for Christmas dinner, a wide selection of high-calorie dessert served to you. Preferably, do not be too much to devour sweet cake, cookies or fizzy drinks that are very tempting.
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Low-fat milk instead trigger the disease

MYTH "low milk fat makes you fat" is a lot to make people confused. Many doctors and nutritionists advise patients to consume whole grains and avoid saturated fats. Recommendations are actually assessed wrong because it will make people fat and sick.

To know the truth of this, a series of recent studies Dr. Chris Kresser shows that, eating low-fat dairy products that encourage the formation of metabolic diseases and everything that accompanies it, including obesity, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, diabetes and heart disease.

As reported on NaturalNews, Tuesday (12/23/2014), Dr. Stephen Guyenet find that all of these risk factors due to consumption of low-fat milk. In contrast, full-fat dairy consumption can actually lower the risk of metabolic diseases in the body.

The body needs fatty acids found in milk

Fat from dairy products not only helps digestion and assimilation of other milk components, but also helps protect the intestinal and cardiovascular degradation. Butyric acid for example, one of the main fatty acids found in milk fat, providing energy to the cells lining the colon and helps inhibit inflammation in the digestive tract.

The same benefits derived from phytanic acid and linoleic acid (CLA), two other fatty acids in milk fat. Phytanic acid shown to reduce triglyceride levels, improve insulin sensitivity and improve blood sugar regulation, whereas linoleic acid has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Full-fat milk have many advantages

Everyone's body is different, some people need vitamin K2, vitamin is only found in the content of full-fat milk. Milk fat is also an excellent source of healthy saturated fats
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The first experimental Ebola vaccine proved to be safe

The Ebola virus is still a frightening disease. Until now there has been found to cure this disease. But recently there's latest research is the first experimental vaccine against Ebola disease that has been proven safe.

The first experiment Filovirus vaccine in Africa shows that such drugs produce the same immune response in adults healthy Uganda, as reported by American volunteers earlier this year.

It is expected that existing vaccine safety will help outbreaks still occur today in West Africa, which has claimed nearly 7,400 lives, as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The DNA vaccine, which is designed to protect people from Ebola virus infection and related viruses such as Marburg. This virus has provided the basis for the development of more potent drugs to drugs that are currently being tested in the US, UK, Mali, and Uganda.

Author of the study, Dr. Julie Ledgerwood, of the National institues of Allergy and Infectious Desease (NIAID) and the National Institutes of Health said, that this is the first study to demonstrate the safety and immune response comparable experimental Ebola vaccine in Africa.

This is very encouraging because they are at risk of becoming infected with Ebola live mainly in Africa, and the protection of the vaccine in African populations also look for other diseases,

Scientists from the NIAID developed two DNA vaccines, which are taken from the Ebola virus proteins from strains of disease in Zaire and Sudan, as well as Marburg virus proteins. Immune response to this protein has been shown to be very protective of non-human primates.

Phase one trial conducted by Makerere University Walter Reed, involving 108 healthy adults aged between 18 and 50 years from Kampala, Uganda. The trial took place between November 2009 and April 2010.

Each volunteers were randomly assigned to injection, either vaccine Ebola, Marburg vaccine, and a combination of both, each of 30 volunteers. And placebo were given to 18 volunteers, at the beginning of the study. Then four and eight weeks later for the second time.

Four weeks after the third vaccination, more than half of the volunteers (17 of 30) had antibody responses to protein of Ebola Zaire as it did in 14 of the 30 participants who received the two vaccines, Ebola and Marburg.

However, antibodies that are not durable, back to undetectable levels within 11 months after vaccination.

Outbreaks of Ebola virus and Marburg virus infections have occurred sporadically since it was first detected in 1976 and 1967 respectively, and have a percentage of mortality reached respectively 90 percent and 80 percent.

Like the Ebola virus, Marburg is Filovirus which causes internal bleeding in a patient's body which can lead to death due to multiple organ failure. Until now, there has not been declared effective vaccine against the virus.
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