Mesothelioma Histology: Overview of mesothelioma cancer cells

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Mesothelioma Histology: Overview of mesothelioma cancer cells

Mesothelioma cancer histologic picture consists of sesl epithelial cells or fibrous cells and can also be both. Forms of epithelial mesothelioma cell histology sometimes causes confusion with peripheral anaplastic lung carcinomas or metastatic carcinomas. Enterprises with a cytologic diagnosis of mesothelioma or pleural needle biopsy is often not successful. This makes it a little difficult in distinguishing mesotheliomas with adenocarcinoma in small tissue specimens.

Photodynamic Therapy techniques to help in the treatment of Mesothelioma

Thoracoscopy action is quite useful in obtaining specimens for diagnostic purposes. Mesothelioma cancer examination on the operation and use of stains or electron microscopy can often help. Reported the most useful special stain to determine histologic mesothelioma, a special stain that include acid-Schiff diastase, hyaluronic acid, mucicarmine, CEA, and Leu M1.

Symptoms of Mesothelioma Cancer

Histological features of mesothelioma cells is affected to progonosis mesothelioma, and most studies show that patients mesotheliomas with epithelial cells provide a better prognosis compared with histologic sarcomatous or mixed cell mesothelioma.

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