Mesothelioma vaccine proved safe

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Mesothelioma vaccine proved safe

According to a study recently conducted by a cancer research laboratory in the Netherlands, the latest new vaccines to prevent and treat mesothelioma mesothelioma, a form of cancer derived from asbestos exposure. The researchers have tested the vaccine on 10 patients who had been diagnosed with mesothelioma, with all of them showed elevated levels of antibodies against the disease and three of them showed that the tumor had decreased in size.

The study, published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, explains bagimana vaccine works by creating dendritic cells tumor antigens on malignant mesothelioma in the lining fluid in the lungs of patients. Dr. Joachim Aerts, the author of the study and also lung specialist at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, said that the approach using a patient's immune system to attack tumors and is useful for creating immunity to the disease, compared with conventional radiation or chemotherapy treatments.

Dr. Joachim Aerts said that this is one of a relatively new form of treatment for cancer, called immunotherapy. Vaccine mesothelioma can be used and relatively safe, with few side effects when compared with current treatment methods. He expressed the hope that further studies may improve the survival rate of patients with the disease mesothelioma. Currently, patients diagnosed with mesothelioma, the prognosis of his life is only lived less than two years.

Patients who have been exposed to asbestos typically do not display symptoms of mesothelioma for several years, or even decades, after the initial exposure period. At that time, metastases of mesothelioma will continue to run in the lungs and seep into other organs. The other side of this study is that the vaccine could be a direct treatment for workers exposed to asbestos.

Although the side effects exhibited by patients in this study are not as severe as that experienced by patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments, one of the potential effects derived from changes of the immune system of patients during immunotherapy. The study noted that the patient recovered quickly and showed no signs of autoimmune-related diseases.

Dr. Joachim Aerts noted a potential problem exists on immunosuppressive disorders. He said that a major problem for the treatment of mesothelioma is a tumor creates an environment in the pleural mesothelium which can reduce the effects of the vaccine. He mentioned that the next step in vaccine development is how to provide immunosuppressive around the cancer to improve treatment effectiveness.
Dr. Joachim Aerts and his fellow researchers have conducted a number of tests on the effects on dendritic cells and how they can affect cancer tumors in mice. Previous studies showed that vaccination produce antibodies needed to destroy malignant cells while maintaining the surrounding healthy tissue to produce a specific immunity.

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