Easy Ways to Protect Children from Accidents

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Easy Ways to Protect Children from Accidents

Whatever age your child, you certainly want to always protect her. But the most common dangers facing the child will change with increasing age. So your protection strategy must also change.

Identify appropriate strategies to protect children his age:

Ages: 0 to 2 months
Risk: falling, especially from a place to change diapers and carrying tools front.
Prevention: Never leave a baby unattended on high surfaces. Replace the belt when the child picked up.

Ages: 2 to 5 months
Risk: Beaten and experiencing shaking baby syndrome
Prevention: Make sure anyone who is taking care of your child know that shaking a baby - although 'just a little bit "- can cause serious or fatal injury.

Ages: 6 to 8 months
Risk: falling out of the home furnishings
Prevention: Now, a smart baby can roll around and crawl. Hence, watch your bed, sofa, or other high surface. Best guess: the floor as well.

Ages: 8 to 11 months
Risk: Swallowing foreign objects and choking
Prevention: Avoid grapes; cut food into small pieces, and cook until soft foods. Keep small objects (coins, paper clips, or larger toys with small parts) of the reach of children.

Age: 12 to 17 months
Risk: Exposure to heat the liquid and sinks
Prevention: Toddlers can drop a hot meal from a low table. So, once he began to propagate the furniture in the living room, 'clean' the entire surface. Keep an eye whenever he was around water: bathtubs, buckets, small pond.

Age: 11 / 2 to 3 years
Risk: drug toxicity
Prevention: If possible, ask for a drug that the lid can not open a child (child-proof caps). Keep medicines out of reach of children.

Ages: 3 to 4 years
Risk: Car accidents, both on road and track car in the driveway entrance
Prevention: Be careful around the track in the car at home: If possible, have another adult to ensure that the child is really far from where you insert or remove a car. Check the car seat and make sure your child is properly installed.

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