An egg a day Make Healthy Body

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An egg a day Make Healthy Body

Eggs was not enjoyable to eat, but also contribute positively to the health of the body. What article?

Maybe all this time we only know that the nutrient content of eggs as an excellent source of protein for the body. But beyond that, the variety of the benefits that lies behind it is not much revealed. According to a new study found that the eggs turned out better because it has antioxidant properties more doubled from apple, as written by the Times of India.

In general, the egg is known as a source of protein, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. In its development, researchers at the University of Alberta found that eggs also contain powerful antioxidants that prevent heart disease and cancer.

Jianping Wu, Andreas Schieber and graduate students Chamila Nimalaratne and Daise Lopes-Lutz from the UA Department of Agricultural and Food Science Nutrition try checking the yellow chicken eggs produced especially given the typical diet of wheat or corn. From there, they discovered that egg yolks contain amino acids, tryptophan, and tyrosine which has a high antioxidant properties.

After analyzing these properties, the researchers found that the two egg yolks in a raw state to have antioxidant properties where there are more than twice as apples and almost equal to half a serving (25 grams) of cranberries.

But when the eggs are fried or boiled, reduced by approximately half of its antioxidant properties and fewer reduced if cooked in the microwave.

"This decrease is quite large but still leaves the same amount of antioxidants produced apples," said Wu.

The discovery of these two amino acids indicates that the antioxidants in the yolk is very important, said Wu, a professor of agricultural food and nutritional science.

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