If your child frequently falls

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If your child frequently falls

Basically, falls are an integral part of the process of development of the child. Simply put, the child might be argued that the fall is generally not dangerous and does not cause brain injury. Another case when he fell from a height, for example, a flight of stairs or attic.

Indeed, almost certainly, the child will vomit after falling. Is it because of crying, shocked, coughing, or choking. Do not worry first. But, when he vomited more than 3 times within a contiguous, you should contact your doctor or take it to the nearest emergency room.

Here is a simple guide for healthy children who did not have injuries or other physical injury, and behaved normally after the fall (his consciousness remained normal).

If he remains conscious and responds to those around him, this means a mild head injury. No need to undergo any tests, including X-rays. If the bump on his head, doing a cold compress for 20 minutes.

Some of these symptoms indicates that you should be worried and immediately bring the child to the doctor:
* Severe persistent headaches and more severe
* Talk is not clear
* More fussy than usual
* Vomiting (more than 2-3 times)
* Difficulty walking (was already able to walk normally)
* Blood flowed from the ears or nose
* Pale
* Convulsions
* Awareness of decreased

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