Powerful Vegetarian Diet Eliminate Toxins in the Body

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Powerful Vegetarian Diet Eliminate Toxins in the Body

Difficulty eliminating toxins in the body? If you are experiencing, just do a vegetarian diet. The toxin was immediately vanished.

Eating vegetables is not only good for the skin, but also digestion. With sufficient intake of fiber, then the digestion will be smooth. According to a recent study says, eat vegetables for five days a week can significantly reduce the amount of antibiotics and the body of phthalates (chemicals that normally exist in the plastic).

To arrive at these conclusions, researchers in Korea asked the respondents who lived in a Buddhist temple for five days where they do a vegetarian diet.

The researchers analyzed urine samples before and after. From there they found that levels of chemicals decreases dramatically at the end of the experiment. Similarly, as reported Discovery News released by the Times of India.

The researchers also measured the diet of participants before the study done and found that what they eat 48 hours before the study related to the amount of chemicals found in their urine.

"A significant correlation was found between food intake and urine levels of antibiotics and several phthalates," says the researcher.

Although exposure to the target compound is influenced by other behaviors, these results indicate that dietary behavior in the short term can significantly reduce exposure to antibiotics and phthalates, can therefore reduce oxidative stress.

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