Avoid Injury When Aerobics

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Avoid Injury When Aerobics

Many women choose aerobic exercise such as dance movements to music. But, be careful, according to Medibank Private Safe Sports Report, Australia, aerobic exercise is one of ten vulnerable injuries, including the risk of dehydration.

To avoid this, do the following suggestions:
  • Wear clothing in layers, such as T-shirts tank tops and jackets, so you can regulate body temperature. When the body begins to heat up, you can take off the jacket.
  • Warm up with stretching, before starting aerobics. Focus on the foot and ankle.
  • Be aware of your abilities, especially if you are a beginner. Do not force yourself to do high impact aerobics.
  • Maintain the condition of dehydration. Many drink after doing aerobics.
  • Wear special shoes aerobics.

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