Fever Seizures, Can Be Prevented?

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Fever Seizures, Can Be Prevented?

Febrile seizures (stuip) is one of the main causes of parental panic when the baby fever. What parents need to know, basically, fever is not dangerous, even the fever is part of the body's defense mechanisms to ward off infections that struck the child's body.

Generally, a fever is a complication of dehydration or lack of body fluids (dehydration rarely breastfed children, as it will continue to breastfeed during a fever). And, febrile seizures is not a complication that often befall children who suffer from fever. Only one of 30 children fever will experience febrile seizures.

Is that a febrile seizure? Febrile seizures are seizures that occur due to fever, not due to brain damage in children as well as meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain) or encephalitis (brain inflammation). Because the originators are not from the brain, febrile seizures are harmless and do not cause intellectual impairment.

Are febrile seizures may recur later when the child has a fever? Could, if the first febrile seizure occurs when a child is very young age, which is less than 1 year. Also, the risk of recurrent febrile seizures, when there is a family history of febrile seizures or previous febrile seizure occurs when body temperature is not too high. So? It's possible your child has a febrile seizure again, for the first febrile seizure occurred at age 8 months.

How do I prevent it? Febrile seizures can not be prevented. Giving medicine a fever even if not to prevent febrile seizures. So, what can be done? First, the inclusion of seizures of drugs available through the anus. Note: Drug seizures are only given when the child seizures, as well as the child is not a high fever or fever post.

Second, when a febrile seizure, your child lay in a safe place (eg, floor), tilt the body (if there is food / drink in the mouth, will not 'choke' entry into the airway), do not put anything into your child's mouth (the mouth should be free of any objects to the entry of oxygen is not hindered!), or enter the drug into the child's anus. Also, take the children to consult with a pediatrician with subspecialty neurology (nerves) to ensure the child is pure febrile seizures febrile seizures, with no tendency to other diseases. For example, epilepsy (seizures).

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