Healthy life without drugs

Living Healthy ; for a Healthy Lifestyle
Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean hours of training at the gym and eating only salad leaves. It’s about making easy-to-manage healthy choices in your day-to-day living.

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Healthy life without drugs

Drugs are harmful substances that can damage organs and addictive for its users, and can even risk death. Only an uneducated person who uses / consumes drugs, why, because people are educated will know what is good or not good for him. Currently drug users already can not be calculated again, ranging from teenagers and adults.

Government efforts to eradicate drugs was already frequently done, but still less likely to keep drugs from its users. Family education is the most effective way to keep drugs from among children, adolescents, and adults. It was all done on the basis of parental affection towards his son.
The impact of drug use:
  1. Users will be asleep or unconscious.
  2. Users will feel more powerful because body organs like the heart & brain are forced to work faster than usual, therefore, will have an impact on mortality.
  3. Users will more often fantasize that in fact it does not exist / occur.
  4. Addiction will make the wearer to gain / get the drugs somehow.
  5. Severe depression.
  6. Increased blood pressure.
  7. Heart rate increased rapidly.
  8. Nausea to vomiting.
  9. Pleasure and joy overload.
  10. Cold sweats & convulsions.
Types of drugs:

* Heroin
* Marijuana
* Cocaine
* Shabu-shabu
* Ectasy

Drug abuse prevention efforts
  1. Get to know yourself so that we know what our plans for the future. Do not let us do not know the direction we are headed for the future. Here pergaulanlah we can take as a reference lives. Be careful in moving, because all that there are risks.
  2. Recognizing the risks of drug abuse. This effort is very important to be socialized to all people, especially teenagers who still unstable mind. After that we can follow the positive activities that we can take lessons from these activities.
  3. Let no intention to wear and try it. Because it will cause a very significant impact on the pattern of human life. People who are already categorized as a drug addict, he will continually played a forbidden item is. Somehow no matter how both positive and negative that he would do it just to get what he wants the drug.
  4. Communication, being open & honest with everyone. All will arise because of the social interaction that inadvertently we have done in the family, school, and community.
  5. Strengthen the religious life. Do not just our diligent worship alone, but we must know the moral taught by religion that we profess and do not forget to apply it in everyday life.
Unfortunately, if there is a student who uses drugs. They do not know that they are the future generation. Schools also play a role in drug eradication efforts among students. By way of learning without the drugs we have started to live a healthy life.

Was very clever in choosing the association. Since the positive association that will bring us toward a positive also for life in the future. Begin the movement of healthy life to gain a positive mindset in everything.

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