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Maximum Results Pilates

Pilates is a method introduced by Joseph Pilates. Regular exercise can improve flexibility, muscle strength, and improve posture. Pilates exercises rely on the concentration and coordination of breath and movement, which can help balance the body and soul.

Unlike other fitness programs, Pilates has no principle of 'more is better'. So, if another exercise requires you to do one move as much as 20 times, at just 50-10 pilates movements. However, with minimal movement, you can focus more on movement.

As an exercise, try pilates movements following:
  1. Lie down with legs and arms straight, let your shoulders relax.
  2. Hold the back to keep touching the mat, slowly lift your arms toward the ceiling as he breathed deeply.
  3. Exhale as you push your body forward, then pull back from the mat slowly. Do not forget to hold your stomach.
  4. Inhale, as he stretched to touch the toes. Exhale while slowly returning the body to the mat.
  5. Do it five times.

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