3 Vegetables Lower nutrient

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3 Vegetables Lower nutrient

Many people assume that all vegetables are all around us it contains many nutrients that are very good for the health of our bodies. But there are some vegetables you announcing that it only contains very few nutrients? So for that we would again need to be more selective in choosing vegetables that we consume in order to meet the nutrient in the body can be properly fulfilled.

Here are three vegetables 'poor' nutrient

1. Cucumber
Calorie content in cucumber is very low. One cup sliced ​​cucumber contains only 16 calories, but nutrients are also very minimal. In fact, cucumber contains five percent or even less, the body's daily requirement of potassium, magnesium, manganese, and vitamin C. To meet the needs of the body should you eat spinach. The content of iron, beta carotene and fiber content is very high.

2. Cabbage
Vegetables are often so mixed a variety of cuisines. Eat in a raw state is also quite tasty and fresh sensation. But for a more healthy food choices, should you choose lettuce. That's because the content of beta-carotene was higher compared with the cabbage, the excellent health of the eyes and skin.

3. Celery
Celery with a length of 8 inches or about 20 centimeters indeed contains only 6 calories, but do you really get enough nutrition? The answer could be 'yes', but if you eat more than that.
Celery does contain calcium, vitamin C, fiber and vitamin K. However, if you eat them in large quantities. For a better option could be added in your healthy menu is the carrot.

Very low calorie content and contain beta carotene and vitamins is quite high. Natural sweetness of carrots can also add a rich flavor cuisine.

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