Foods Trigger Headaches

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Foods Trigger Headaches

One that can affect the fitness or the health of our body is the consumption of food. And we discussed this time are some of the cracked food that can lead to headaches if we consume, especially in people who have traumatic headaches.

More than 100 million people suffer from various types of chronic headache. There are different kinds of reasons why people get headaches, such as stress, illness and allergies. But in many patients, eating certain foods can also cause headaches.

Here are some foods that can trigger headaches,

1. Cheese
Cheese contains an amino acid called tyramine, which has been associated with various types of headaches, especially migraines. Tyramine is formed from the breakdown of proteins in certain foods. Generally, the higher the age of food protein, the greater the tyramine content.

Due to variations in processing, fermentation or aging different cheeses, the amount of tyramine may be different on each cheese. Another high-tyramine foods is the red wine, smoked fish, processed meats, pickles, certain nuts such as five, avocado and nuts.

2. Foods containing nitrite or nitrate additives
Additives such as sodium nitrite or sodium nitrate is used as a preservative, coloring and flavor in foods such as hot dogs, bacon, salami, sausages and other processed meats.

The additive can dilate blood vessels causing headaches in some people. Headaches caused by the additive is usually felt on both sides of the head.

3. Foods containing mono sodium glutamate (MSG)
Mono sodium glutamate is a food additive or a flavor enhancer found in soy sauce, meat tenderizer and many packaged foods. Headaches caused by MSG may occur within 20 to 30 minutes after consumption and can cause symptoms such as chest pressure, dizziness, headache in the front or side of head, abdominal discomfort or burning sensation in the neck, chest or shoulders.

4. Cold food
Eating or drinking something too cold can cause a headache that usually lasts for less than five minutes. Previously also known as 'brain freeze' or ice cream headache. The pain in this type of headache is usually felt in the middle of the forehead.

More than 90 percent of migraine sufferers report sensitivity to ice cream and need to be careful with food and drinks cold.

5. Other foods
Some headache sufferers also reported that other foods can trigger headaches, such as onions, bananas, citrus fruits, chocolate, aspartame and other artificial sweeteners.

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