Making Brain refreshed

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Making Brain refreshed

Daily activities can lead to burnout and make the power we do not focus or concentration is weak. According to scientific research adult brain is able to concentrate for 25 minutes, but after that the thought was no longer the focus.

Busy working during the day tends to make you stress and mind become tangled. Especially for those who work as writers and engineers whose work regularly involves a lot of thought. In times of stress, you need to refresh the mind, and re-calibrate all of its functions.

Here's what you should do to the brain re-fresh:

1. Hear wash warm water, because it can make your muscles and your mind becomes relaxed.

2. Soothing music is very beneficial to your mental resources. Clear your mind drift with just sitting in the beautiful music. If you love to play music, it's very good, immediately remove your old piano music or download an application on your mobile phone and start playing.

3. Smell something that smells good: Turn on your favorite scented candle or breathe the smell of a cup of hot coffee. Because, by inhaling something that smells good to refresh your mind.

4. Massage is the perfect way to relieve tension and reduce stress. You can try different types of massage on different days to re-invigorate themselves.

5. Sports: Like the saying goes, once the paddle two or three stone. Exercise regularly in addition to refreshing the mind can also nourish the body.

6. Laughter is the best medicine to relieve boredom. Because, laughter and humor releases "endorphins" which can improve mood and feeling happy.

7. Mental Coaching: Your Brain and the like were daunting. So when you feel tired of studying or working, try to resolve a question of fun to strengthen your brain.

8. Socialize: Humans are social creatures. Besides being a requirement, socializing can also keep our brains stay fresh. Try to relate to new people or to call an old friend. Look for talks outside of your situation.

9. Short sleep: Nothing is more refreshing when compared with short sleep. Immediately after a short sleep, you'll feel better and more complete job than when you're tired

10. Daydream: For a moment, let your imagination wander as when childhood. Because it can also refresh the mind so that you can re-focus on the task in the following days.

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