6 Food Triggers Heart Disease

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6 Food Triggers Heart Disease

Heart disease or heart attacks up to now is still the most deadly diseases in the world. The number of deaths due to sudden unexpected heart attacks has become something very scary. So for that there is no harm if we should continue to be vigilant and cautious of anything that may increase the risk of heart attack, including from the foods we consume daily.

Here are few food sources that can increase the risk of heart disease:

1. Eggs
Eat eggs in portions moderate enough or did not would be dangerous. But eating too many eggs or egg yolk products from may raise cholesterol, which can lead to increased risk of heart disease.

2. Processed foods
Eating processed foods, like potato chips, hot dogs or cheese products can cause heart disease risk, especially if you eat them in large quantities.

3. Salt
Salty foods, including canned soups, pasta, and vegetables and snack packs usually contain additional salt so it increases the risk of heart disease.

4. Saturated Fat
Foods containing saturated fat include red meat, dairy products, and coconut and palm oil. Excessive in taking them can lead to heart disease risk by making the arteries harden and narrow.

5. Sugar
Even if you think it's okay to nibble sweets, but excessive amounts of sugary foods can lead to diabetes which are risk factors for heart disease.

6. Trans fats
Trans fat is a type of fat that you might eat on grilled foods or fast foods

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