Apparently High Antioxidant Content of Eggs

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Apparently High Antioxidant Content of Eggs

Eggs are a food source that contains many nutrients needed by the body, but other than that eggs are also considered foods that can increase cholesterol levels in the body, Maybe that's the general outlook for this glimpse of the egg. But recently, according to latest research shows that foods rich in protein, it is also contains high antioxidant

The content of antioxidants in eggs from chickens fed wheat and corn are two times greater than antioxidant in apples. In fact, two raw eggs antioxidant levels equivalent to 25 grams of cranberries. Powerful antioxidants in the eggs, among others, tryptophan, an amino acid, and tyrosine.

So far the antioxidants in eggs that have been known to the carotenoid pigments that give color to egg yolks. However, scientists continue to explore other antioxidants present in the egg.

In previous research, the scientists found that the egg proteins modified by enzymes in the stomach and small intestine into peptides that act like ACE inhibitors, a drug prescribed to lower blood pressure.

The results were considered controversial because, as has been known to the public, egg consumption will increase blood pressure due to the high cholesterol content.

Not only that, the study also mentions that boiled or fried eggs will lose up to 50 percent antioxidant, even more so if matured in the microwave.

Eggs are nutritious and cheap food source. Eggs contained in proteins, vitamins, lipids, and minerals.

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