Asthma and How to Overcome It

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Asthma and How to Overcome It

Asthma is a form of allergic disease is inherited from parents and is characterized by tract disorders such as shortness of breath, cough accompanied by wheezing sound but without fever (unless there is infection).

What are the Symptoms of Asthma That?
Asthma symptoms vary, among others, the tightness of intermittent and sometimes a cough that is not cured with antibiotics. In severe conditions, breathing difficulties this can cause loss of consciousness.

Anyone Can Be Affected by Asthma?
Asthma can affect all ages, from children to parents.

What are the factors that trigger asthma?
Asthma as described above is an allergic disease so that symptoms appear when there are trigger factors such as cold temperatures, dust, certain foods to herbal medicines, and so on.

Asthma How to Ensure You Affected?
Of the symptoms mentioned above, followed by tests such as spirometry to look at lung function and lung rongent to search for infection is there. Blood tests do not have a very significant function in the diagnosis of asthma.

When you've Got Asthma Diagnosis, What To Do?
The main one is the Prevention of asthma management of asthma trigger factors. Prevention must be made by the patient, because the trigger factors of asthma can not be determined by doctors but by patients themselves by observing the timing of asthma attacks.

Treatment of asthma reliever medication aimed at relieving symptoms that have occurred and the controller that aims to prevent attacks before they occur. Examples of reliever medication was salbutamol and budesonide drug samples all of which the controller is given by inhalation.

Sports is one of the efforts that can help lower the incidence of asthma attacks, and type of exercise recommended is that aerobic such as jogging, swimming, or biking.

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