Fitness Myths Regarding Misleading

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Fitness Myths Regarding Misleading

You think already know a lot about fitness? Do-do you know it just a myth? Or is it more that you do not know? First check the truth of the myths that often you hear so far.

Myth 1: No pain, no gain
Practice should not be painful to succeed. Even the fact that if the exercise hurts your body, maybe there is something wrong with your training methods. Pain and pain in the beginner's fair, but if sustained it means you are practicing too hard. Pain in muscles that occurs more than 48 hours after practice is inflammation and damage to elastic tissue that surrounds muscle fibers. Allow the muscles to adapt and do not practice too much in too short a time or you will be more at risk of muscle injury. Train smarter not harder!

Myth 2: Too much sweat during practice that is not healthy
Perspiration, when the practice is a sign that the body has adapted quickly to release heat from the body. At the same time, the sweat glands in the body increases the amount of sweat. People who actively produce sweat in amounts more than people who are passive and rarely exercise because they are active have a natural body cooling system more efficient.

Myth 3: If you stop exercising, the muscle will turn into fat
Fat and muscle are two different networks. Fat can not turn into muscle and vice versa. The fact is, the muscles will shrink when you do not practice, while you continue to eat a portion, such as during exercise even though you had not practiced. The result is the calories you eat more than your body needs, so the body will store it as fat.

Myth 4: If you've practiced, should not eat anything
If you want to redeem the chaotic eating patterns with practice, then you will be disappointed. Although it is still better than free food and never exercise, but exercise without setting a good diet means you will not get the most out of sport or exercise that you run.

Myth 5: If you do not train hard and often, just a waste of time
That is not true. Even moderate activity such as walking, jogging or cycling several times a week will give you enormous benefits. Walk about 30 minutes each day you will be very heart healthy.

Myth 6: Practicing can cure all diseases
Although the practice can improve your health and your quality of life, but does not mean practicing will cure all your ills. In fact every person who will train in advance is advisable to consult with an expert to minimize the risk of injury. Regular physical exercise can help improve health and reduce up to prevent the risk of various diseases ranging heart disease, diabetes, joint disease and others. Better to prevent than cure right?

Myth 7: Exercise lifting weights will make developing and muscular body girl
Many women avoid lifting weights with those reasons. And in fact, actually weight training is the best and fastest way to assist the process of fat loss and muscle toning. The number of male and female hormone content is also very different. Women have only a small amount of the hormone testosterone, so it will not be easily muscled like men.

Myth 8: The more practice, the better
Too much practice will only lead to one thing for sure, that is overtraining. Condition of overtraining can cause injury, depression and bring the disease (high release of free radicals). You should be able to balance between exercise and rest because just as the rest mass of your muscles will grow.

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