Foods to Keep Your Lungs Stay Healthy

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Foods to Keep Your Lungs Stay Healthy

To keep the lungs stay healthy, we often hear advice is to avoid smoking. In addition to self-harm, smoking is also detrimental to the health of others are exposed to tobacco smoke pollution (secondhand smoke). Well, besides that, there are also some healthy and nutritious foods that are beneficial for maintaining healthy lungs, ensuring the respiratory system functioning properly, and also to help reduce the risk of lung related diseases.

A study at the University of Southampton, UK, says that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables has the potential to be protective against disease progression of chronic obstructive lung. Study participants were 266 smokers who smoked about 20 cigarettes / day for 10 years. The facts found are, one tablespoon of vegetables per day, or one piece of fruit per day, can help reduce the risk of developing the disease.

Any foods?
Apples and tomatoes have the greatest potential to protect your lungs from pollutants of tobacco smoke and other air toxins. Both "superfood" contains antioxidants and other nutrients beneficial to improving lung function, reduce wheezing, and helps asthmatics breathe easier.

In addition, you should also consume fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients at least five servings a day. This will help you get lung health in particular and health in general. Cereals, wheat, bread, and other high-fiber products could potentially have the ability to maintain lung health.

According to research in Japan, people who love to eat fresh fish (especially sushi) tend to have healthy lungs.
Products soy-based products such as tofu, Tempe, and soy milk are also recognized beneficial to improve lung health.

Vitamin Consumption
Calcitriol, a vitamin D-3 is synthesized in the body is an anti-inflammatory that can protect lung function. Vitamin A helps heal lung problems, consumption of carrots is the best source of vitamin A.

Supplementation with Vitamins C and E if you have trouble getting five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The fact that the nutrients and vitamins can improve lung health is undeniable. But you also contribute to lung health, the best thing you can is to avoid smoking. Also use a mask in a particular place that has a high dust levels. Breathe the fresh air every day. Care of yourself. Keep healthy!

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