Importance of Vitamin E for Physical Performance

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Importance of Vitamin E for Physical Performance

For those of you who like to exercise and those with moderately strenuous physical activity every day, then you are required to have a physical condition in every activity you do everyday. Performance and physical endurance you should certainly keep in good condition. What can you do to keep your physical performance is always prime?

Increase Your Nutritional Needs
With regular exercise and physical activity in a high enough intensity, then the adequacy of nutrition is also one aspect that will determine your physical performance. For that, you should always consume a wide variety of foods for your nutritional needs are met. However, strenuous activities make the higher your nutritional needs, so supplements are one of the best ways to help meet your daily nutrition.

Importance of Vitamin E
Supplements of vitamin E is one of the additional nutrients that are important to you. Why is that?

Vitamin E will improve your physical endurance, reduce muscle pain caused by intensive exercise, and protect the immune system from damage.

When you do physical activity or sport for a long period, it means you have to endure long enough cardiovascular activity, so that the joints and muscles can also get tension and tremendous stress. Vitamin E supports healthy joint function and may help reduce muscle inflammation. Heart health is vital to your continually active, and vitamin E helps improve heart health functioning.

Researchers have also conducted a study whether the antioxidant activity of vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) can influence the activity of two enzymes important in preventing the oxidation of free radicals and anti-atherosclerotic component of about 10 people at a basketball player. The results showed that the enzymatic activity significantly decreased after exercise when the basketball players are not given supplemental vitamin E. However, when vitamin E was given to the players, the activity of enzymes was not decreased. So from this study concluded that Vitamin E can provide protection for the activity of important enzymes called this PON1/Aryl of free radical production.

For those athletes who go into high-intensity exercise, it is recommended to consume at least 400 IU of vitamin E every day.

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