Position a Healthy and Safe Sleep While Pregnant

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Position a Healthy and Safe Sleep While Pregnant

Many mothers who think, Undergoing pregnancy is joyous but also exhausting, You see a lot of activities that they must limit or should not be carelessly so as not to interfere with the fetus that they contain. Especially when the pregnancy started to grow new problems they will soon face, That sleeping position. For that you as a mother would need to know the position of a safe and healthy sleep for pregnant women.

Create mothers who are pregnant, start now try to always fall asleep with the position facing to the left, why? Therefore, a study conducted in New Zealand have suggested that sleep is facing the left during late pregnancy may help pregnant women avoid the risk of infant death.

Previously, researchers from the University of Auckland compared 155 women who failed during labor and experiencing a healthy pregnancy. Known, to sleep on my stomach facing the right or to have twice the risk of causing the baby died at birth, but it only applies to four of 1,000 pregnancies if the bed is facing the left.

When the bed is facing the left, blood flow will go more smoothly for infants because the main blood vessels mothers regardless of the weight of the uterus.

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