For muscle formation Hard gainer

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For muscle formation Hard gainer

A hard gainer (type of body that are genetically hard to gain weight and muscle mass) often experience difficulties during bodybuilding competitions. We would consider it great if you could have a body like the people who shape mesomorfik. But actually it's easy to build muscle, although you are a hard gainer, if you know how.

Think of your body building program as a bar stool. Got 3 feet. If one leg is missing, or longer, or shorter than the two other legs, it means you have a problem. It also applies to the formation of muscle (muscle building).

The three components are precision weight of your workout, your diet (including proper supplementation), and the programs 'reduction' and 'liberation' you.
A slight change in one of three instruments on top, then your efforts will be futile. In fact you could lose weight if you are not careful.

In short, the outline of the three components are:

You do not often observe the physical changes you, a maximum of 3 times per week, with each body part is not over after 2 workouts per week. For example, legs and arms on day A, B torso on the day, and so on. Continue like that until 8 weeks. Let that guide you to your physical. This may easily be practiced? Of course not!

This program requires that you try hard to share your Rest and Recovery fairly. You see, many hard gainer who follow the advice of seasoned bodybuilder, which indeed they are genetically blessed with a beautiful body, taking steroids and other alternative medicines to enhance performance and very eager to form his body. Most of us are not the same as the bodybuilder, from any aspect.

Lowering the volume of exercise will give you a break and freedom as a condition to add to your weight. However, you will likely train with high intensity training techniques. Increase your workout, do 60-10 reps for upper body and 10-15 reps for your legs, with the maximum load (the last two reps should be completely turned off). Increase your workout intensity. Use super sets and pre-exhaust techniques.

You must eat more calories than you spend. Follow a diet high in protein and less carbohydrates. Limit fat. Eat eggs (4-8 per day), milk, and beef. Chicken and fish can also be added as a good source of protein.

In fact, if you are able to combine the consumption of 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight by regulating food sources such as the above, then you're on the right track.
High-quality protein supplements, amino acids triggers such as growth hormone, arginine and ornithine, as well as dried liver tablets. And also you have to supplement with vitamins and minerals, approximately two times a day.

Eat up to 6 times per day. Three main meals punctuated by snacks. On the day of exercise, consume 20-30 grams of protein before and after weight training.

Rest and Relaxation
Sleep for 8-10 hours a day and make such a report as you will sleep and waking.
If you can, try to take a nap after a workout. Your body will grow when you sleep. Sleeping for 30 minutes can provide an increase rather than none at all. On the day off your workout, try a relaxing activity, such as reading, browsing the Internet, or fishing. Anything that makes your mind relax. Many successful hard gainer also helped by meditation. Yoga can also be. It's not easy, but the mechanism that 'strange', this activity is making you tired and relaxed at the same time.
That's what you can do. The three vital keys to increase your weight. Good luck!

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