How Much Weight Training For More Effective

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How Much Weight Training For More Effective

You certainly do not want to spend hours in the gym with no results you want, right? You certainly want to increase your body look good. You can do a short exercise that is super effective if you want to maximize your fitness program.

Here are some tips for you the fitness mania that has been routine practice but still want better results in a faster time:

1. Limit the duration. Although most people tend to think that to get maximum results is to linger in the gym doing weight training, it was actually after 30-40 minutes, the benefits you may not be for the beginning. Better you do the exercises with high intensity in a short time.

2. Ensuring quality. Perform repetitions to 20 times it still will not mean anything if not done the right way. It would be better to do 8 times repetition but in a proper way.

3. Do it slowly. Weight training is not the kind of rapid exercise. According to researchers in the field of weightlifting Wayne Westcott, to lift a load normally have to spend about 1 minute. How to do the repetition is very important in weight lifting program. You will not get any results by applying the wrong techniques.

4. Breathing. Correct breathing techniques will make your workouts more effective. Focus exhale as you lift and inhale as you lower the weight.

5. Maintain good posture. Posture is very important to make sure that you train your muscles instead of making your injury. If sitting, sit upright and straight. Make sure your abdominal muscles continue to contract during exercise. Pull your abdominal muscles up and in toward the spine to stabilize your body. Keep the shoulders pulled back and chest lifted up and puffed into the future, either when sitting, bending or standing.

6. Avoid continuous exercise. Your muscles need a day's rest before the next fitness session. Make sure there is a holiday in your training schedule.

7. Practicing with your mind. When lifting weights, you should not let the brain wandering around. You have to focus with what you do because there is a strong relationship between brain, nerves and muscles.

8. One set, to failure. Perform each set to failure. Better you do 1-2 sets but with a heavy load to maximize the effectiveness of your workout.

9. Choose cardio exercises that you like. If you do the exercises that you do not like, then surely you will not enjoy it. Choose a fun activity, like running, walking, swimming, cycling, climbing and so on.

Many studies have shown, if you can focus on your workout, then a significant increase in muscle activity would you get. So, from now stop reading magazines or talking during practice and focus on every set of exercises, so that any repetitions and sets will be more effective and faster you will get the results you expect.

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