Steps to Get a Strong Arm

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Steps to Get a Strong Arm

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror, flexing your hand ... and not anything happened? You go to the gym, weight training hard, but the measuring tape and mirror still give the same results even if you have tried.

Do not be discouraged. Some people are not blessed with strong arms and big, but lots of things you can do to make your plans happen.

Here are 10 steps you can take from your arm workout. 5 The first step associated with exercise, whereas the last step 5 contains a secondary issue which is also critical in the successful establishment of your body.

1. Know the anatomy
When you think of your arms, the centerpiece is probably the biceps. There is good reason for this, because these muscles tend to be the most visible muscle of your other muscles (double-biceps strain is a classic bodybuilder pose).

However, if you look at the cross-section of the upper arm, then you will soon realize that the real player is the triceps. In simplified terms, your triceps makes up about two thirds of the muscle mass while biceps and brachialis, little helper, contain only 1 / 3 part.

There we see why it is foolish to put all your effort to forge the biceps while doing a bit of bad press as an afterthought before the bath. If you want to train your arms, make triceps as a priority at least for the biceps.

2. Practice Hard, But Short
Points overall from lifting weights is to trigger the growth response. The other, maintenance is the best and the worst waste of time. To open a comfortable place, you must first push yourself out of your comfort zone.
To obtain it, you have to lift heavier weights and / or do more reps than usual. The former is the main pulse to stimulate the muscle fibers, while the latter aims at a slow rate.

Some muscles have a high ratio of slow twitch muscle fibers and the benefit of the reps with lighter weight. Biceps and triceps are not among them. For best results, focusing mainly on fairly heavy training with 6-8 reps (using strict) with only 2 weeks of exercise a lighter to keep the muscles guessing.

Biceps and triceps can also experience fatigue quickly. Running set after set to train biceps for hours can reduce productivity, while just a few sets with high intensity at which you can wring every ounce of juice out of your muscles, is enough to spur the growth response has been described previously.
And once you do that, what point of continuing? You have won the game, then it is time to collect the trophy and go home.

3. Combine
Always doing the same exercise with the same weight will not push your muscles out of the comfort zone once the novelty has worn off. Let them keep guessing, make changes every two times the exercise! It will not be a shocking change.

Sometimes try to move the exercise habits, move a movement with a heavy cable-free, or why not do a crazy set with half the weight of the load normally, only this time it did 50 reps?
True, there are many variations of the bicep curl you can do. That's why there are bars to try the EZ-bar standard hammer curl up with a half-dozen large and angle.

Similarly, lever machines cable-based and plate-loaded to give many kinds of angles and resistance grooves. With a little imagination, even sparsely equipped gyms can provide a lot of variation.

4. Target to Muscle Specific Sections
As the name suggests, the biceps and triceps consist of 2 and 3 distinctly different sections, respectively. To maximize its development, you should make an active effort to target each part in each exercise. So how do you do?

If you are serious about your training, this is where to where you re-map the anatomy and reasoning based on biomechanics, along with practical experimentation to learn the "feel" the right of stimulating specific parts.

5. Increasing the intensity of use technique Wisely
As explained in the second step, the intensity is the key to growth. One way to increase the contribution and potentially speed your progress is to increase the intensity of the trigger. These include forced reps, partial reps, negative training and drop sets.

But there are things to note: all of the above taxes your muscles and your nervous system by essentially the body's natural limitations. Indeed, it would send him to add muscle fibers quickly, but you are also approaching the limit injury.

The biggest risk, however, does not need to tendons and ligaments. If you make it a habit to drive consistently using the techniques mentioned above, you are guaranteed to be dropped on the condition of over training.

In short, this is the state where you cause more damage than your body's ability to repair between workouts, taking one step forward, two steps back with every workout. Limit your workouts to one or two times per week, at most.

6. Plenty Of Rest
It combines aspects of over training, the body must be given sufficient time to build himself back in one piece and then also to grow. The easiest way to do this is simple: get a good night! While we are all a little different on the needs of sleep, 8 hours of sleep a night is a good start, while more of the benefits gained by sleeping nine hours or more.

Napping can be a great way to charge the battery. Sleeping on the couch or lying on the car seat to put her hat into our eyes for half an hour is a good development.

7. Eat Plenty
The basis of the growth is simple: consume more calories than you burn. If you eat enough to break even, where is the extra weight come from? Think of it like a leaky bucket of water, where the leak is how much you burn each day during sleep, walk, exercise and little things. If the water content increases in the bucket, you have to pour more than lost because of leaking. It's that simple.
However, not a perfect analogy that massive overeating will not make you grow faster. In fact, once you reach the break even point and 500 calories or more will increase the risk of your body weight up.

Differences by size, age, diet and other factors, but the bottom line is that it is a game to eat a little more consistently, than you burn each day. Talk to a local nutritionist or personal trainer if you need help to determine the right diet plan.

8. Use Supplements
Consuming enough calories is important, but most of us can benefit from a little extra help. Your basic protein powder is a staple, such as multi-vitamin daily. For extra power, consider doing a few cycles of creatine monohydrate.
This will help you lift heavier weights for more reps, and have proven to be very safe, so there is no reason not to try it. The price tends to decline in recent years, the shopping page of this site has some great deals.

Another supplement to consider is nitric oxide. This relatively new supplement to improve blood flow and creates a "pump" that makes you feel your muscles working. It's very motivating and helps bring out the extra effort.
Then there is the good stuff that can be possessed like Glutamine, BCAA and the others that you could try, but the protein, multivitamin and creatine is a must-have.

9. Stretch
Stretching or stretching can decrease pain and help prevent injuries. By removing the byproduct of strenuous exercise and get fresh blood and nutrients to the muscles, you'll recover faster. Stretching also prevents muscle contraction, which can make you more susceptible to injury.
Another report mentioned that stretching helps develop the fascia, where the muscle fibers wrapped. If you use a t-shirt one size smaller, range of motion you are flexible. Muscle fibers to work the same way, if there is no room to grow, they tend to be less able to do so.

10. Reduce Body Fat
Finally, one reason your arm does not look very strong is that you have a thin layer of fat that darkens their shape. Make no mistake, this seems like a small thing that can make a difference in the world.
Have you noticed some professional bodybuilder can look fantastic while performing, and then a week later just nonsense? It often happens by accident the water retention, which means there is a thin layer of water that form under the skin that makes it look flat and sad to see considering how they looked a week earlier.

A thin layer of body fat has an effect exactly the same, except it's not just a temporary crash. So if your measuring tape to show that you have made progress on your arm but the mirror is not the case, drop a few pounds might help. No need to be crazy to get a low body fat percentage and only one digit like those of the professionals, focus on treatment with a love that must be considered for development.

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