6 simple headache relief

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6 simple headache relief

Headaches can come to attack you unexpectedly. Headaches caused by many things. However, some common causes of headaches in modern society is the work deadlines, stress, workload, traffic jams, and much more. Do you often experience?

In general, headaches are the body's response to physical or emotional stress. Stress triggers the contraction of muscles in the head and neck which then creates tension and headaches. Stress also makes blood vessels constrict which in turn causes the migraine.

For some people, headaches are the things that bother you though does not last so long. It is important for you to fix this, try these tips below:

1. Mixed Tea And Ginger
Ginger works against migraines by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis. Ginger also helps relieve nausea that often accompanies migraines.
Method: boiled tea to boil and input ¾ ginger slices into 2 cups of water. Lid for 30 minutes. Then drink.

2. Rub Thyme Oil / Oil Rosemary in the Head
Apply one or two drops of thyme or rosemary oil on your forehead. Rub gently on the surface of the skin, then let stand for several minutes. Thyme and rosemary oils containing carvacrol which is a substance that acts as the COX-II inhibitors, a type of anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen.

3. Chamomile Tea
Give yourself time to rest a moment on the sidelines of rushing to ease the tension that causes headaches. Chamomile tea has a compound that helps you relax to relieve the pain. Brewed a bag of chamomile tea with a cup of boiled water. Lid for 10 minutes, add honey as a sweetener and drink slowly in a quiet place.

4. Foot soak with Peppermint and Lavender oil
Some experts believe traditional medicine is one foot soak panacea for the headaches. The hot water will draw blood to the legs, thereby reducing pressure on blood vessels in the head. Add a few drops of peppermint or lavender oil for aromatherapy.

5. Magnesium
The migraine sufferers have low magnesium levels did nature of their brain during the attack happened. Consumption of supplements containing magnesium can prevent headaches. Get your magnesium intake of 400 milligrams per day.

6. Vitamin B2
A research provides 400 milligrams of vitamin B2 to any volunteers who follow the research. They were given supplements of vitamin B2 daily for three months and its impact 50-59% of volunteers has decreased migraine complaints. So consume vitamin B2 to help manage your headaches.

If you often have headaches, try the 6 simple headache relievers that your complaint can be resolved soon. Hopefully helpful!

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