Alcohol Drinking Habits and Influence For Your Muscles

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Alcohol Drinking Habits and Influence For Your Muscles

You've probably thought, "Does drinking alcohol can affect my exercise program?" Alcohol is a temptation that is more difficult to control by several people. For those drinking less alcohol would be more difficult than reducing the size of the meal.

So, is there a relationship between alcohol and muscle? Then how alcohol can affect the process of formation of muscle? Here are some of the information you need to know about the relationship of alcohol and muscle, among others:

* Alcohol and Growth Hormone
Alcohol consumption has an effect on the release of growth hormone. Growth hormone is a substance in the body that plays an important role to build muscle, stimulate cell growth, develop and promote optimal bone growth.

More growth hormone is produced when you sleep (especially in the early hours of sleep). Consumption of alcohol will disrupt your natural sleep time decreases the amount of growth hormone are at risk of approximately 70% of normal.

* Alcohol and Testosterone
Testosterone is a hormone that is instrumental in the process of muscle growth. Substances contained in the alcohol will be processed in the liver and become toxic to the substance of the release of testosterone, thereby reducing the concentration of testosterone in the body which then causes the muscle mass is difficult to grow.

* Alcohol and Recovery
Alcohol is toxic to the body. The body requires energy to remove it from the metabolism and prevent the negative effects that may occur. The body will divert energy to detoxify alcohol, so energy recovery after exercise will decrease.

* Alcohol and Dehydration
Alcohol acts as a diuretic that can disrupt your body's natural fluid balance. Dehydration can have a bad impact on your body, causing fatigue, decreased productivity, and disrupt the ability of muscle cells to produce energy.

* Alcohol and Glycogen Synthesis
When you consume alcoholic beverages, alcohol will take over the synthesis of glycogen synthesis, thereby reducing the synthesis of glycogen in muscle cells. Avoid alcohol consumption before and after practice so that your body does not feel tired and can recover to the optimum.

* Alcohol and Aerobic Ability
Alcohol can cause increased blood pressure throughout the body and increase heart rate. During exercise, your heart is working in a high concentration continues to increase. alcohol will increase the pressure to strengthen the heartbeat and make the exercise feel harder.

* Alcohol and Fat
Alcohol contains calories, which can add weight quickly. Alcohol contains 7 seven calories / gram, drink a few glasses of course equivalent to a heavy meal. A matter of time you grow fat.

Reduce excessive alcohol drinking habits you so your muscles can grow to the optimum. Loved your body, and shape your body becomes more beautiful!

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