Anemia: Lack of Blood, Not Blood Low

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Anemia: Lack of Blood, Not Blood Low

Many of us often ask: Am I anemic? What are the symptoms of anemia? Is it the same with less blood with low blood?

Anemia or anemia is a condition characterized by hemoglobin / Hb <11mg/dL in the blood. What is hemoglobin? Hb is a compound in blood that serves to deliver oxygen in the blood to various organs.

Symptoms of Anemia
What are the symptoms if you suffer from anemia? We can for symptoms of anemia are based on the nature of the occurrence of acute / sudden and chronic / chronic.

In acute anemia, symptoms that arise are:
  • Pale sudden.
  • Cold sweat.
  • Up to fainting and death.
In chronic anemia, symptoms that arise are:
  • Easily tired, weak, pale, and tightness.
  • The existence of growth disorders in young children.
Causes of Anemia
The cause of acute anemia is bleeding that occurs suddenly, for example in an accident, surgery or massive gastrointestinal bleeding. While the cause of chronic anemia are nutritional deficiencies such as iron, folic acid and B12, intestinal worms, chronic bleeding. Other causes of anemia which is kidney failure, cancer to disorders of blood production in bone marrow.

The cause of anemia that can be easily varied to be known by examination by a physician, laboratory examinations of blood to the bone marrow directly.

Anemia Treatment
Treatment of anemia is adapted to the cause and nature of the occurrence of anemia. In acute anemia caused by severe bleeding, transfusion is a treatment that is saving lives, while iron supplementation, folic acid and B12 given when it proved itself as a cause of anemia. Adequacy of protein is also one important factor to be kept in the handling of anemia, and whey protein is the best option for it.

Iron supplementation will cause a black color in the stool during defecation. This is a normal condition that does not need to worry about.

People with symptoms of anemia is not recommended for direct consumption of drugs blood booster, because:
  1. As explained above that the cause of anemia vary, so the cause must be sought before it is given appropriate treatment.
  2. Anemia can be a symptom of other more serious diseases such as cancer or bone marrow disorders.
Anemia is not the same as the blood is low. Anemia as explained above is a condition of lack of hemoglobin in the blood, while the low blood is a condition in which blood pressure falls below normal.

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