Overcome Insomnia with Aerobic Exercise

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Overcome Insomnia with Aerobic Exercise

Health experts agree that regular aerobic exercise during the day can keep you from getting restless while he was sleeping at night or insomnia. People who are actively practicing, especially aerobic exercise, are generally easy to obtain the ideal bedtime and avoid insomnia.

Has even found evidence that symptoms of sleep deprivation, insomnia, and insomnia is usually caused by the accumulation of stress and lack of rest time. There are several facts that support that aerobic exercise is useful for treating insomnia.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise in Improving Quality of Sleep
A study at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, examined 23 adults and 55 elderly women, who have trouble sleeping. After 16 weeks of running training programs that include sports such as aerobics, bicycles, and treadmills. The result, on average, study participants experienced improved sleep and reduced insomnia. One hour of aerobic exercise is more beneficial than sleep longer.

This study proves again that the sport has tremendous benefits. Sports are considered better than the consumption of drugs for diabetes, mental health, and cancer prevention. Do aerobic exercise to treat insomnia that you experience.

Advised to avoid aerobic exercise and exercise one hour before bedtime, because the muscle fatigue will make you feel uncomfortable and restless. Another thing that should be taken to ensure that you do not insomnia is to avoid the video game because it will make your brain stimulated and do not continue to drink beverages that contain caffeine before bedtime.

Improving the quality of sleep also appears to increase positive mood, reduce symptoms of depression, and increase vitality. Remember the importance of maintaining the vitality of the body remains fit for you far away from health problems, insomnia and fatigue constant that decreases your productivity.

Well, try to do aerobic exercise regularly so that you no longer have insomnia and other sleep disorders while increasing your vitality.

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