Changes for Lowering High Triglycerides

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Changes for Lowering High Triglycerides

Excess calories in the body is converted to triglyceride which is one form of fat found either from food or from within the body naturally. Function is to provide the energy needs of triglycerides in your body of calories consumed, then the body stores of triglycerides up to now will be used by the body.

The more excess calories into the body than the energy your body needs, the levels of triglyceride fat cells more and more buried in the body. Triglycerides are stored in fat cells under the skin. High levels of triglycerides risk of causing diseases such as coronary heart disease.

All you need to do is to change dietary patterns and lifestyle, here are the steps:

1. Reduce Consumption of Calories and Carbohydrates
Consumption of calories in a balanced manner, in accordance with the needs and energy you spend when performing an activity. Calculate caloric needs based on weight, age, height, and level of physical activity, so you can adjust your caloric intake each day. In addition, cut back consumption of simple carbohydrates like sugar, and choose the source of carbohydrates from complex carbohydrates.

2. Start Time Exercise Plan
The body needs extra energy during exercise, the more energy you spend on the triglyceride levels will decrease your body. Spend at least 30 minutes every day to exercise any of the fun for you.

3. Reduce Fat and Cholesterol in the Diet
Excessive cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body will form a pile of fat in the blood that can increase the risk of heart disease. For that you should reduce the consumption of saturated fats and replace your fat intake with unsaturated fat. Experts also advise people to consume healthy cholesterol not exceed 300 mg per day, and for those who have heart disease is not more than 200 mg of cholesterol per day.

4. Start Dieting
If you have problems with overweight, begin to change towards a more healthy diet. And make sure you do it by lowering fat levels in your body, so it will decrease also in fat and triglyceride accumulated in your body.

You must control the levels of triglycerides body to stay healthy and avoid the risks of disease. Improve your diet and your lifestyle, turn to the positive things that you healthier lives than ever before.

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