First Step You Lose Weight

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First Step You Lose Weight

Initial steps that must be considered in losing our weight.

1. Record the initial status of your body, measure the circumference of waist, thighs, arms and chest. Weigh your weight, and as much as possible find out what percentage of your body fat levels d. It is very important to measure the progress of our efforts and evaluate if there is a shortage.

2. Determine a realistic goal such as losing 2-3kg in the first month. Do not expect to drop 10-15kg in the first month. The more realistic your goal, and when you reach it, you'll be a stronger motivation to perform the next steps.

3. Start exercising. Any exercise is better than sleeping at home. For you who want to lose weight, you should really be investing your time to achieve the goal. Do not tell me do not have time but want to weight the body down. Like people say I want to buy a car but i do not have time to work.

You have to work hard to achieve your dreams is not it? How do I set the time, I was handed back to each individual because everyone has different schedules and different priorities. One more thing, make sure you are really serious in the exercise, do not just join a gym to sit around chatting and occasionally lift weights.

4. We see your food again. This section is paramount. How many times do you eat in a day? Many diets with a 'reducing diet' when they should 'reduce calories'. Reduce your calories, for example, from 2500 calories a day, now you eat only 2000 calories. That's better than you down from 2500 calories to 1000 calories. Lack of calories will make your body go into survival mode (malnutrition), so he will not want to burn fat.

When less food, then he will save energy in your body burning. The end result, reducing the food is too drastic would not be able to lose weight. The body lowers its metabolism we can observe clearly when we try to eat less, from 3x to 2x a day. At first we're going to feel hungry, but after running 1-2 weeks, we'll get used to, and not be hungry again even though we only eat 2x a day. The hunger disappeared is a sign that the body burns fewer calories. The longer we do it, our bodies will be more adaptable and weight will not go down.

5. Eat 5-6x a day. Ordinary people normally eat 3x a day, but in reality, our bodies are designed to eat more than that. When we breakfast at 7 am and 1 pm meal. We're going to feel hungry at 10. Likewise, at 1 pm we eat, and dinner at 7 pm. Around 4 pm we also feel hungry. Hungry-hungry it usually is filled with junk food. Junk food is food with high calories but not filling, this is what makes us fat.

Nutrients are minimal but very high caloric value. Fill out this snack time with a nutritious snack, such as skim milk + apple. Or almonds to apples. Eat 3x a day with snacks 3x 6x so the total is eating, it is a sure way to make our metabolism remains stable and will burn fat faster. When did you lose calories from 2500 to 2000 alone, divide 2000 calories a meal 6x. Again, you reduce calories to lose weight, instead of reducing the frequency of eating.

6. Choose a balanced diet, do not proscribe a type of nutrient. Fats should be consumed but choose good fats such as nuts, fish, avocados, olive oil or canola oil. Use supplements such as omega 3 fats to help complete your good. Fat is needed to dissolve a variety of vitamins, fats are also necessary for the stability of the body's hormones.

7. Eat protein in sufficient quantities. Protein sources are chicken, fish, meat, tofu, tempe, eggs (whites), nuts. If you really want to slim down the body, the amount of this protein should be quite high.

8. It turns out there are very many people who do not know what it is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are our main energy source that can provide spontaneous energy in our bodies. To lose weight, of course, we must know, that as long as our bodies still use carbohydrates as a source of energy, then energy from fat is a backup only. Reserves will not be used for primary energy is still there.

So the reduction of carbohydrates in general very successful help you lose weight. Do not substitute rice with noodles, it is futile, because both are the same. To note is the most important carbohydrate is when we are after completion of exercise. You should consume carbohydrates in time after exercise. directly. After that, the morning is fine but use other types of carbohydrates are good.

9. Identify the types of carbohydrates are good. Good carbohydrates are slowly absorbed by the body. Commonly identified with the glycemic index. For diet, consume carbs with glycemic index down 55. On top of that you should consume only after exercise, but a very high glycemic index, should not you eat when you diet. Sugar, including having a high glycemic index, do not use sugar for cooking. Replace it with sugar or stevia Tropicana.

10. Eat fiber. You better eat apples instead of apples are blended into apple juice. The process of making fiber blender crushed apples. Eat vegetables as well. Vegetable fiber serves to facilitate your digestive tract, it also helps that the absorption of calories you are getting slower.

11. Drink enough water. 2.5-liter per day is mandatory.

12. When buying food or biscuits, always note the calorie value and others. You do not want to ruin your diet right? Note also the labeling of foods you buy. Do not consume High Fructose Corn Syrup because it has a very high glycemic

After giving details of this long enough, try again analyze your activities, your food, whether you've done things like the above?

So many people are figuring out how to lose weight, but if given the steps as above, they consider trivial, such as drinking 2.5 liters of water per day. Many are wondering what to do with the water weight down? Or is there who think I've drank a lot, but in reality they are still lacking a lot. If your weight has not gone down too far, try to check these 12 steps, make sure nothing is missed.

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