Food Diet for the Sugar Addict

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Food Diet for the Sugar Addict

Few people can resist the lure of sweet foods as appetizers or desserts while dieting. Sweet taste is indeed a unique taste and it can cause addiction. And sugar can be bad for your diet.

Eating sweet foods will stimulate the brain to release the hormone serotonin which makes our bodies feel like constantly and encourage the body to consume more sweet taste again and again.

Sweet foods or beverages are usually packaged in a form and a tantalizing mix of flavors, eg chocolate and fruit-flavored candy. But, do not get too carried away with the pleasure of sweetness in the diet. Remember that high levels of sugar in the diet can increase your risk of disease, one of which is diabetes.

You should be able to control the desire to consume sweet foods to divert themselves at a healthier alternative, nutritious, and low in calories such as the following:

1. Frozen Yogurt. Low-fat frozen yogurt or fat-free is very good as a substitute for sugar and cream in ice cream.

2. Popcorn. If you are a fan of cake, try entering the popcorn is rich in fiber as an alternative to high-calorie sweet foods.

3. Fruit. Yes, fruit is a source of natural sweetness. Eating fruit regularly is believed to have good impact for lowering risk of heart disease. Consumption of foods with artificial sweeteners mentioned may increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. So, should you further increase your intake of natural sugars from fruit other than refined sugar.

4. Whipped Cream. Whipped cream made from low fat milk or skim milk suitable to replace other types of creams that contain fat.

5. Whey Protein. Whey protein is a healthy choice for your diet. A high protein content is very good to help you run an optimal diet. In addition, the sugar content in whey protein is usually low making it suitable for your diet.

From now try to replace sugar or sugary foods with five alternatives in this article so that you avoid the addictive sweetness.

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