Tuna Fish For Health Benefits ?

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Tuna Fish For Health Benefits ?

Fish is one of a healthy diet. Fish is highly recommended to be consumed as a source of good fats, especially Omega 3. And when we talk about fish, then the name of the tuna into one type of fish that we remember. Tuna is a source of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids that are important to our health. In addition, the tuna is also rich in protein. Various studies conducted tuna associate with a variety of health benefits, ranging from its role in maintaining heart health and even to cancer prevention.

Essential nutrients in Tuna Fish and Benefits

Tuna is known as a source of Omega 3 fatty acids. In addition, tuna also includes a healthy diet rich in nutrients because it is a good source of protein, are also high in potassium and vitamin B. All essential nutrients in tuna that makes it one of the best food for health.

Because tuna is rich in Omega 3, then these healthy fatty acids helps the optimal functioning of the heart, by lowering bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol, thus preventing blood clots in the arteries and lowers high blood pressure to ensure optimal heart health and stroke prevention.

Tuna fish consumption is also associated with the prevention and treatment of arthritis and pain. Also, as mentioned earlier, the tuna is a source of protein and thus helps in increasing your metabolism so that makes the body burn fat, as well as providing raw material for nail growth, skin, blood, and other internal organs.

Research has also linked the intake of tuna fish with a reduced risk of cancer, such as for example breast cancer. In addition, tuna helps in maintaining healthy eyes. Through the intake of tuna, one can also keep the brain functioning optimally, reducing the risk of Alzheimer's or dementia. Thus, the tuna is a fish with a big role in helping a person live a healthy life.

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