Benefits of Honey for Health

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Benefits of Honey for Health

Honey is a golden colored liquid that is quite thick, which is produced by honey bees with a distinctive sweet taste. The process of making honey begins when the bees collect flower nectar in their mouths. This nectar then mixes with special enzymes in the saliva of bees, this chemical process and then convert it into honey. Bees store honey flower nectar's that are processed in the body into the hexagonal-shaped nest.

In this world there are various types of honey with a distinctive taste which is different of course. This makes the researchers interested to learn things about honey. The following are brief facts and also some of the benefits of honey.

Honey And Benefits To Health
A study in the United States found that the combination of honey with a protein supplement can improve the recovery of the body and keep blood sugar levels after exercise. Protein supplements are useful for increasing protein intake in the diet, improving the ability of weight training, aerobics and other sports.

In fact, previous research has shown that a combination of carbohydrates with protein supplements can improve energy recovery in muscles that would have a positive impact on the results of your workout.

The current study involved 39 male and female athletes who trained with the usual heavy load and divide it into several groups. The subject of this study underwent an intensive weight training and then they were given a protein supplement mixed with 3 different materials such as maltodextrin, sugar and honey. Apparently, the results show only the group fed a mixture of honey, which have optimal blood sugar levels two hours after exercise. In addition, subjects who were given honey showed positive changes in the ratio of the hormone for muscle healing.

Results of analysis of data shows that honey works well in aspects related to recovery after exercise and provides energy. In addition, honey is also a suitable source of carbohydrates combined with protein supplementation after exercise. In addition to speed up muscle recovery, a combination of protein and honey also seems suited to stabilize blood sugar levels after exercise.

Other Benefits For Health
Honey is one of alternative energy sources by providing around 64 calories per tablespoon. Honey is also able to enhance the immune system and has natural antibacterial properties. When combined with diet and healthy lifestyle, the honey will be an option to assist your weight loss. Honey is one of the antioxidants they contain nutraceuticals, which are effective in removing free radicals from our bodies. As a result, increases the body's immune.

Eat honey and get all the benefits for your workout is also your overall health.

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