Fat Level Point

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Fat Level Point

Fat Level Point, may never have heard of us this term. Fat Level Point, is the standard point where our bodies are capable of maintaining the amount of fat stored. What does it do for us?

First of all, get to know your own body, whether you are skinny? With hanya10% fat content and can not be fat and it's hard to gain weight? Or your body, including fat, the fat content of about 30% or even more?

Figure of 10% or 30% or whatever your body suggests that figure, there is a different standard point for each individual. Our bodies are genetically have a different standard. And most important is our body trying to maintain that number as much as possible. This explains why skinny people is hard to put on weight even when following the recommended restrictions on many of the literature on diet such as eating greasy food in large quantities, eat right to sleep, eat empty calorie snacks. Likewise with overweight, why not eat, but does not go lean body weight, even the lost weight too, not long before certain weight slowly climbed back to the point of these standards.

How do I change the fat levels of these points? Do we have to let go of our genetic? Apparently not. There are two ways to change the fat levels of these points, the first is by exercising and the second is by changing what we eat.

Exercise and diet change from bad calorie to good calorie will change into a more ideal point.

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