7 Most Fatal Mistake In dieting

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7 Most Fatal Mistake In dieting

People's views about diet is to eat less in order to lose weight. Eating less can be associated with the following things that turned out to actually harm our bodies and the outcome even our weight never goes down. Or if it can go down, in the near future will go back up the so-called yo-yo dieting.

Fatal mistakes in following the diet are very common:

1. Starve: eat a lot could add weight means eating less will reduce our weight, if the stomach feels hungry, we will try to restrain your hunger and not eating. Starve will cause our metabolism decreases, leading to slowing the burning of fat, and all of that decrease our energy everyday, so we'll feel less fit, sluggish. Hunger is also a sign of our stomach is empty and your blood sugar is low while our brains need it. If passed, we will begin to feel dizzy. It also includes the people who eat a day only once or twice in order to be thin. The truth is to eat 5-6x a day, three meals and three snacks normal to spur the body's metabolism to remain high.

2. Skip Breakfast: was deliberately done, or could not be done, or not used to doing, turned out to skip breakfast so often happens in our environment. Breakfast is the most important meal for our body. Once we sleep 8 hours without any nutrients at all, our bodies need nutrients at breakfast and also to face a long day filled with energy. Skipping breakfast makes your body catabolic, which is the body trying to take energy by taking from our muscles.

3. Skipping meals: it is assumed that we wanted to sleep but instead eat. Indeed, in bed we do not need many calories, especially we do not need high carbohydrate. But we need much protein as we sleep, because when we sleep, growth hormone will be out, the body will repair all body cells are damaged and the most important raw material is protein. Make sure your protein intake sufficient for this process. Protein intake should be about 2-3 hours before bedtime. Carbohydrates most late 4 hours before bedtime. Suggested taking casein protein before bed for a slower absorption of the protein if you want the best repair.

4. Not eating after exercise: eat after exercise is assumed that our sport will be in vain. Burned directly discharged filled. Though eating after exercise is important for our bodies to eat. Just imagine after we destroyed the walls of our house (exercise), then we call the handyman to repair her, and when the builder has come, it turns out we do not prepare the bricks and cement (we do not eat). What happened? Eventually our bodies will be damaged. It is advisable to drink the protein and carbohydrate maximum 15 minutes after exercise, and eat real food a maximum of 1 hour after exercise to repair the body after exercise.

5. Lack of drinking water: lack of drinking water turned out to make your body hold more water in the body and cause additional weight and lack of drinking water also led to less nutrient metabolism or digestion running smoothly. Drink 2-3 liters of water every day.

6. Crash diet: This diet often eliminates one of the components to achieve its objectives. No-fat diet, no carbs diet, high protein diet. These diets are not balanced and dangerous bodily functions. Fat has an important function in our body, helps the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, K. If not we eat fat at all, eat our body will lack these vitamins and cause more serious illness. Not eating carbohydrate is also very dangerous because your body needs carbohydrate to the primary energy source. Our brains also need it for energy. The recommended diet is a balanced, rather than one which forbids any kind of nutrition.

7. Set a cheat day: lots of people who set a single day for free cheat day or meal, and usually it's Sunday. Define cheat day like this is considered as a special reward or gift after we made it through six days earlier with a strict diet. Diet is actually a lifestyle, giving the cheat day will be programmed our brains that six days earlier was a day full of misery. This pattern continued when, over time will make us tired of dieting, and finally release the dietary patterns followed, and make our overall diets fail. Suppose your diet is a lifestyle not a demand or pressure from anyone.

Now that we know some fatal errors in diet, a check is yourself, if you do one of these 7 errors when you want to lose your weight. If not, then you're in the right direction, but if you still do any of these errors, you need a quick fix.

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