Dangers of Low Carbohydrate Diet

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Dangers of Low Carbohydrate Diet

Many of us who want to lose weight with a 'quick' and in general take the method of Low-Carbohydrate Diet (high protein). The bodybuilding are also often used this way to get rid of fat in the body quickly. Apparently there are some things that make this type of diet is quite dangerous. Do we have to continue to use this method? When we must be vigilant?

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy in our body than proteins and fats. Because it would prefer the body needs carbohydrates for energy. Excess carbohydrates are stored by the body into fat makes many people think to adjust your diet so as to be low-carb, high protein, will make the existing fat can be burned through exercise and intensive labor required will be met from a high protein intake.

Carbohydrates have four important functions related to metabolism and exercise performance, namely:
1. The main energy source
2. Carbohydrate intake enough protein will help maintain the cells protein
3. Helps burn fat
4. Fuel for the central nervous system
Reduce your intake of carbohydrates and increase protein in hopes of helping the body burn more fat. But if it is done continuously, so when catabolic process, in which the protein is converted to glucose for energy, protein will be taken from the muscle that would cause a reduction in muscle mass. And at the change of the protein into glucose it produces a waste product of nitrogen to be excreted through urine and sweat. Nitrogen is excreted through the urine is obviously going to burden the kidneys. So the lower the intake of carbohydrate, the higher the intensity of exercise and the more protein is consumed, in a long time, would harm our kidneys. Drink plenty of water is expected to launch the process of the kidneys, also would burden the kidney when a diet like this passed because the residual waste will still have to pass through our kidneys.

All you have noticed is, check the condition of your kidneys, if there is either because of genetic abnormality or disease, do not do this diet. For those who are very overweight, want to get quick results, this diet can be used, but not more than one month, with a record of your kidney condition is fine. These dietary patterns such as double-edged blade, use with caution.

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