Metabolic Effect of Fat Burning

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Metabolic Effect of Fat Burning

METABOLISM - we often hear these words when discussing matters related to weight. Indeed, genetic factors determine how fast our metabolism, but we know that our metabolism can change? In fact we can program the speed of our metabolism?

Which is often regarded as the metabolism is actually a BMR is Basal Metabolic Rate stands. BMR is the amount of energy that our body needs just to live, without doing anything, when we are in a lying position, and our stomach is not digesting well. BMR will decrease as we age.

BMR formula often used is as follows:

Men: BMR      = 66 + (13.7 x weight kg) + (5 x height cm) - (6.8 x age years)
Women: BMR  = 655 + (9.6 x weight kg) + (1.8 x height cm) - (4.7 x age years)

If we do activities other than lying, as mentioned above, BMR multiplied by the number below:

Inactive, Little or no exercise, desk job - Male: 1.4, Female: 1.4
Light, Some light exercise daily - Male: 1.5, Female: 1.5
Moderate, Regular aerobic exercise - Male: 1.78, Female: 1.64
Heavy, Energy-intensive jobs or serious athlete - Male: 2.1, Female: 1.82

Example: Kristen Stewart, woman, weight 70kg, height 167, age 28, moderate activity
BMR = 655 + 672 + 300-131 = 1496
Energy requirement = BMR x 1.64 = 2453.

Once we can calculate the caloric needs of our day-to-day, we came to know that our bodies need the x calories to survive and perform daily activities. But this often misunderstood by most people.

Most people think (or if I may say, EVERYONE thought), if I wrote a lot of fat to eat by now, means I should have to eat. Eat less be thin, meaning the less I eat, I can be faster thinner. From this thought, almost everyone, try to eat only once a day or twice just for the sake of maintaining his personal physician formula which he says that 'calories in less than calories out then you will be thin'.

Some people with iron will and even managed to eat as little as possible, and increase the amount of exercise, so calories into the body could be even smaller. Did they lose weight? Apparently nothing works. Maybe one or two people succeed, but when they stop dieting, and return to normal eating, their weight went straight back to the starting point even more severe.

It is true, as the example above, that the energy needs of Kristen Stewart is a 2453 calorie diet, so if he comes in only 1000 calories a day, our thinking was that he had kept his doctor's formula is calories in (1000) less calories out (2453). But that escape the attention of Kristen Stewart is, when he was in such a drastically reduced amount of calories, BMR body for 2453 is unchanged also LESSER.

We can not calculate how many more small, but the body only understand one thing, that is the owner of the body in a state of danger, lack of food, and possibly being stranded at sea without food while waiting for rescuers to come. We certainly have often heard that the earthquake victims, buried in rubble for 5 days without food and still be saved and live.

Just imagine if for 5 days without any food at all, while he remained BMR 2453, two days certainly have died of hunger and run out of fat before they could be saved. But our body is a highly sophisticated machine, when we consume calories below the standard, the body will go into the mode or modes SURVIVAL IN DANGER.

So the 2453 numbers were going down to conserve energy reserves in the body. And fatal is when the body under these conditions, any food that comes in, will be stored as fat because your body is afraid of not knowing when there is more food. Body to save energy, as if the work we're stuck, of course, are saving money, because they do not know when we will get the money back.

Our body's sophisticated but still can not distinguish, low calorie we eat is whether we're in a diet with a goal to lose weight, calorie or low-that means we're in danger or stranded somewhere without food.

The solution to weight loss is reducing calories by 500 calories per day. Can be a way to eat less at 500 calories, or eat the same amount but adding exercise to burn of 500 calories. Or it could by combining the two, for example, reduce 300 calories food diet, and exercise to burn calories by 300 calories. No one steps to reduce food by 500 calories and exercising as well as the total of 500 calories will be a shortage of 1000 calories. And once again it will lower our BMR.

The second is to program the MRL to remain high, we should eat as often as possible, and recommended is to eat 5-6x divided into 3 main meals and 2-3x a snack.

Eating 6x by the number of calories that count, suppose we want a diet of 2000 calories, then it does not mean we eat full meals as usual is full 6x, but the divide ration of 2000 calories is a 6x.

Roughly may be concluded that daily energy needs by 2453 Kristen Stewart, but for example, because he eats too little, so the calorie intake of 1000 calories alone just (despite proper diet should only reduce about 500 only), then the formula would be 2453 - 500 = 1953. energy needs in 1953 while the food intake only 1000. Then a deficit of 953 calories this is dangerous.

When a deficit occurs, the body will try to restore this deficit and this is what eventually became the yo-yo effect of dieting. Ie after the fall dramatically and soon the weight will come back up quickly.

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