Reduce Carbs If you want to Thin?

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Reduce Carbs If you want to Thin?

The myth that we often hear is that if want to be thin, eat less rice, because rice contains many carbohydrates. Reduce carbohydrates if you want to be thin. Or even more extreme, do not eat carbs, but eat more protein if you want thin, because the protein is not stored by the body but discarded. It turned out to attenuate the body is not as easy as simply reducing carbohydrates alone.

Carbohydrates are one of the three main energy sources that we eat. The other two are fats and proteins. Many of us when you hear the word 'carbohydrate' would immediately think of with white rice, sugar, bread, pasta, and others the like, which are bad carbs. But do you know that vegetables are also a carbohydrate? So also with fruit, wheat, and others. If you want to be healthy and slim, clear whether this should consume carbohydrates, mainly because they contain a phytonutrient.

Phytonutrient is a nutrient that is healing and is essential for our health. These nutrients enable the burning of fat in our body, slows the aging process, containing antioxidant.

Let us analyze what happens when we eat carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the source of sugar in our diet. When the sugar stands alone in the drink like soda, it will be very harmful to our bodies. But if the sugar together with his friends such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients which can be found in unprocessed foods, it can help us to lose weight.

After we consume sugar in any form, our pancreas produces a hormone called insulin. The task of insulin is to help the sugar to be delivered to the cell body. Once inside cells, glucose can be converted into energy (in other words, the more cells in our bodies, burning higher - so do not want to be thin with no weight training). And when we consume sugar in excess, then the rest is not needed by the body's cells will be saved for another time if needed.

When we eat sugar, the body produces enough insulin to transport. After a while, we ate a little more sugar, and the same thing will happen again. So did so without us knowing it. However, problems will arise when too much sugar we consume. When we eat sugar in high enough quantities, especially the type of sugar that is absorbed quickly, feeding levels of insulin in the blood will increase rapidly as well. Over time, your body will become immune to this situation, which is called insulin resistance.

The more often these events happen, then the body will become immune. More and more resistant and ultimately our bodies are not sensitive to the hormone insulin. And what happens is we will try pancreas produce more insulin to overcome this. And this will create a dangerous cycle. When the body has a higher insulin levels than the existing sugar, your body will tell us to eat more sugar to balance. But each of us to eat sugar, causing insulin levels rise even higher, and cause us to need more sugar, and continue like that. And when that happens, your body will store excess sugar (which is not burned by the cell body) becomes fat and slows metabolism.

So from now on consider the type of carbohydrates you eat. Different carbohydrate is converted into sugar with different speeds. When we flood the body with sugar, insulin levels will rise dramatically, and this is very dangerous, and causes our body immune faster.

Some types of carbohydrate burned more slowly. Takes longer to convert into sugar in our body, thus causing insulin levels more stable over time. It makes our body more healthy, and metabolism will be optimized.

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