What is My Ideal Weight?

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What is My Ideal Weight?

What is my ideal weight? The question I hear every day when providing consultation about weight management. I was so high, my weight so much, is ideal or not? How much weight should I? Or I practice fitness but my weight up when I want it down? While others have said, my fitness but my weight down, not up - go up? This simple problem turns out to be its own polemic in the world of fitness.

Actually in the world of fitness, NO such thing as ideal weight. If we follow the old standard height is reduced by 110, so for example our high 170cm, weight 60kg us, would not that be too thin? Weight loss should not be too made reference to seeking an ideal weight. Our bodies comprise the majority of fat and muscle. Two things that determine our weight. Muscle increases or decreases, the weight we will be affected, as well as the fat increases or decreases, the weight we will certainly be affected as well. The difference is that fat is unhealthy and fat can not give the body shape that we consider 'beautiful'.

To find out the ideal weight, the recommended benchmark is a body shape that we see through a mirror. It's early stages we have to do. Have we satisfied with our body shape? Is my belly too fat? Is my arm too sagged?

Many people still can not accept this perspective, and still forced to ask WHAT MY IDEAL WEIGHT? I myself have experienced with my height who remain like this, I've 61kg heavy, with very little fat, and my body is quite ideal plasticity, but I also had my weight 61kg as well, with so much fat so hard my pants unbuttoned. The same high, as well as the 61kg weight, but two different conditions. The one ideal and the other does not. Still there are so-called ideal weight? The answer is NO.

In addition to attention to the mirror, we can also calculate the amount of fat in our body by using various tools. As an example is to use fat monitors like the one here. Normal fat content for men is 15-20% whereas 20-25% girls. Fat content that can be said to be good so they can make better-shaped body is 10-15% for men and 15-20% for girls.

To form the body's fitness to practice is to do two things, namely reducing the amount of fat, and increase the amount of muscle. Muscle gain weight will go up, our body more defined. Reduced fat weight will drop our bodies will be shaped. If for example, increases muscle 1kg, whereas 1kg of fat is reduced, we pant size will be reduced even on the scale, the weight we do not change. So for those of us who want to have an ideal body, do not adhere to the numbers on the scale because a lot of factors that can make weight change.

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