How to check your metabolism

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How to check your metabolism

Knowing Your metabolism is the most important in the diet. Your metabolism is your machine and if your machine is not working properly or is still halting and irregular eating 100% of your diet will fail. So what should you do next? I want to underline that this is you MUST do if you want to reach your ideal weight.

The easiest way to check your metabolism is to recognize yourself, how many times you eat in a day? Normal people eat three times a day, and there are additional snack two or three times as much. For example, if your breakfast at 7 am and lunch at 12 noon, usually you will feel hungry at 10 o'clock. When it is you eat your snack. But if it turns out you only eat seali day twice, even you could say that you are not hungry, why eat if not hungry, it means your metabolism is not set correctly.

Or many of you are trying to regulate your diet but still not managed to lose weight despite being accompanied by a sport that 'you think' is also already very heavy, then there is one thing you need to find out, if your metabolism is correct.

Two things are most important in assessing your metabolism. The first one is very often I discuss the frequency of your meals in a day. 5-6x is a necessity in increasing your metabolism. And the second is how many calories you consume in one day. 

BMR Calculator there you can use to calculate your calorie needs in a day if you want to keep your weight and how much you need if you want to lose weight. Enter your Age, Height and Weight you to start counting. Once you know your needs for a day, make a journal of food you put into your mouth for a few days. Ideally is 4-7 days so you can get the average value of the foods you consume.

Once you get your journal, visit the nutrition info to see how the calories of each food that you wrote in your journal. Then you compare that number by the results of the calculation of BMR Calculator. If calories in your journal too big means you will gain weight. In all cases my client, it is rare for people who are calorie consumption too high because they've tried to reduce his food. What often happens is that the food they eat and even too little. Far fewer of the calories should be consumed. If this happens, your body will lack nutrition and will not be able to burn fat, even the possibility that often happens is that your body will actually store fat for fear of starvation. Keep your caloric intake each day in accordance with the calculation of your BMR Calculator.

You must invest your time to learn to recognize Calories from the food you eat every day. You have school years to be working for a living, surely you must learn to recognize what you eat to gain weight and ideal body shape. When you've managed to arrange to eat close to the calories you should eat every day, then you have started to approach the process of improving your metabolism.

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