How to Start Dieting

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How to Start Dieting

Decided to start dieting! How many of us that are currently thought to immediately lose weight? And moving from idea to lose weight, the two plan to start it up. The first is to start dieting, starting from the reduced fried foods, choose whole grain bread for a snack, supplement their vegetable and fruit. The second plan is, start exercising, whether it starts from just jogging around the complex home in the morning, to join health clubs to participate in a variety of classes such as yoga, RPM, Body Pump and so forth. However, if the diet is as easy as simply cutting back on food and start exercising, why are there still so many complaints of people like 'I've been dieting hard but why can not I go down?' Or 'I've been exercising hard, but why my stomach does not shrink at all? 'What exactly should be considered when we decided to start our weight loss?

In fact, diet, exercise, whatever way we choose to lose weight, the key is our body's metabolism. It is our body's metabolism burning calories that govern us. I'm not saying fat burning here, because it would be a different discussion topic. The ways that the wrong diet, such as eating less or reduce calories by weight of expectation will go down instead will make our body's metabolism slows down. If your metabolism slows down, will mean fewer calories are burned by the body. No exercise can also slow down your metabolism.

The concentration of the most important in weight loss is not located on the number of calories we should eat, so that each meal should first calculate the total calories we eat but in this metabolism. From this point of view is we should start our first step.

Ways to raise the body's metabolism can be seen from two sides, namely:

1. Adjusting the diet, required 5-6x digesting process so that our metabolism back up to the normal point. Frequency reduction eat that causes decreased metabolism. Try to reduce the amount of calories instead of eating frequency. And do also reduce calories gradually. Because the reduction is too drastic will damage your metabolism again.

2. Begin moving, the body that never exercise will have a slow metabolism. Whatever it is exercising its form, is still far better than you do not move and just sit in the office or at the dinner table, and the rest in bed to watch TV before bed.

These two things are the center of your attention before you start to lose weight. After you successfully corrects these two problems, begin to adjust your diet better, like choosing a healthier menu, carbohydrates with a lower glycemic index, adequate protein and healthy fats each day. Remember that your metabolism is the central engine in your body. During the metabolism is still slow, whatever your business, including taking slimming drugs would not be any results. So when you are dieting too, when you no longer drop weight, keep your metabolism going again. Be sure not to our metabolism slows down. It takes metabolism is correct so that eventually the body will obey what we are.

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