Is Satiety That fattening?

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Is Satiety That fattening?

If a full meal makes a great looking stomach, mean we should not eat your fill, if you want to be thin. That's what almost everyone believed at this time. In fact there are up to doing his best to contain his hunger for a more slender body. Not infrequently there are up to his sore ulcer. Some clients ask me, "Diet is really how the heck, I have heartburn because". Now a question like that, of course, based on the premise that starve is the answer to their prayers would be the ideal body. While heartburn is a frequent obstacle they encountered. Let us analyze in more detail about this phenomenon.

Hunger is a condition that can be caused by three things:

- Blood sugar stored in the liver are depleted, so the body feels the energy supply is running out and it is a state of danger. Examples of these conditions was feeling dizzy when we are hungry (not all people feel dizzy), but this condition can be solved by eating something sweet. Consuming sweet candy for example, will help relieve this hunger. Sweet candy that is the kind of food to a high glycemic index which will be absorbed by the body very quickly, so that hunger will disappear. But this way will only hold temporarily and hunger in the short term only. But I remind you, for those who want to use this method, make sure the way is only for emergencies only, you should eat normally. Also different from the chocolate candy sweet. If you are in this condition, then the stomach acids to rise and start to feel nauseous, you should avoid chocolate, because chocolate contains caffeine which is quite dangerous for sensitive stomach.

- An empty stomach will make us feel hungry, the most common condition is when we had breakfast with a different type, then the speed we begin to feel hungry again will be different. An example is when you eat your oatmeal for breakfast. Oatmeal digested by the body quickly, so that our stomach will empty more quickly, than when our breakfast was a fried egg omelet using canola oil. Fat and protein are slower to digest than carbs from oatmeal, so this way will make you will feel full longer. 100 calories from carbohydrates than 100 calories of protein or fat, then carbs will make you feel hungry more quickly and make you want to eat again in a short time.

- Stimulation from the outside like the smell of delicious food. Conditions which one is best avoided if you want to reduce your appetite with the goal of fat loss

So whether it's full fattening? As long as we understand the above process, and how to keep us satisfied, then the fill will not be fattening. And to reduce weight, we must continue to make our stomachs full by eating every 3-4 hours. The way it will make us not feel hungry (sample point No. 2). And when the stomach is full, then our body will also burn calories that are needed in the digestive process, a significant benefit. Let alone to starve our ulcer pain, not the right solution to lose weight. Weight loss should be done in a healthy manner, not by way of torturing yourself.

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