Carbohydrate Consumption Set to Lose Weight

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Carbohydrate Consumption Set to Lose Weight

Carbohydrates, as a power source for our body, providing 4 calories per gram. Carbohydrates are the only source of energy for the brain and red blood cells us. The main source of carbohydrates that we consume daily are rice, potatoes, corn, noodles, pasta, bread and fruit. But many people do not even understand what is meant by carbohydrates. With the goal of losing weight, some say do not eat rice, but replace it with potatoes. The result is a permanent body like that and could not be thinner. If so, as far as whether the importance of carbohydrates for our bodies and how to regulate the consumption of carbohydrates so heavy we could go down?

When we consume carbohydrates, the purpose of carbohydrates there are only three, namely:
  1. Energy body cells, including brain and blood. Because it keeps the body's blood sugar remains stable for these needs.
  2. Liver Glycogen, which sugar fraction which will be stored in the liver as liver glycogen and will be a buffer (reserve) to provide a stable carbohydrate to body organs like the brain.
  3. Muscle Glycogen, which sugar will be stored in the muscle and will be used by the muscles to move. Sugar in muscle glycogen is large enough but will only run out when we perform moderately strenuous physical activity.
Let's think about, when we eat carbohydrates, your body will convert carbohydrates into glucose and then into the blood. But under normal conditions, glucose is present in blood. And when blood sugar is in stable condition, it means that the next goal is to get glucose into liver glycogen in small amounts to meet the backup needs there. The next goal is to see if it needs glucose to muscle glycogen are met or not. If we do not have a meaningful physical activity, the muscle glycogen will inevitably tend to the full. Then if it is full, where more glucose will go? Clearly will be stored by the body as fat reserves or FAT.

From here we can see, why not move and continue to consume large amounts of carbohydrates throughout the day will make our body fat.
The greatest amount of carbohydrate should we eat is as we've just finished working out with the aim to restore the Muscle Glycogen again. That's why ancient people always say, drink sugar water after exercising. My advice to reduce fat in the body is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you and arrange your carbohydrate consumption. Morning is best because your blood sugar is very low at that time after sleep 8 hours. Before exercise and after exercise is the next best time. While time before bed is a big mistake to consume carbohydrates. Some people who do extreme dieting in pursuit of six pack on his stomach even once daily consumption of carbohydrate just after exercise only.

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