3 Steps Reduce Excess Appetite

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3 Steps Reduce Excess Appetite

Have you ever wanted to eat even if you're not hungry? These feelings often come up when you see interesting food with a delicious aroma. When not hungry, you will also strive to eat these foods for the sake of satisfaction. If this habit of walking in a long time and that you are eating high fat foods, you will be at risk of obesity. To fix this, you must reduce excess appetite that can interfere with your diet. Reduced appetite is not as difficult as you imagine.

There are 3 simple steps you can apply to reduce your excessive appetite, namely:

Divide Food In Small Number
When you see your favorite foods and intend to eat it even if you're not hungry, the way you can do is to divide the food in small pieces. This is the most effective and profitable you. Why is that? On the one hand you can still enjoy your favorite foods, rest, you are able to limit your calorie intake because you eat them in smaller portions.

Make a List of Foods
To reduce your appetite at a particular time, imagine you're eating enough servings. Given what you eat can turn your brain hippo campus. This is a big part of the brain that also controls yourself to reduce excessive appetite and prevents you from eating large meals.

To help you reduce excessive appetite, you can create a list of foods that you eat the next time, surely you must arrange the menu wisely and not excessive. Enter a list of foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals such as vegetables and fruits to help maintain your health.

Do not Use Food Place Transparent
Do you use a transparent food places in your home? Choose the wrong container or place the food turned out to be bad for the diet. Places to eat transparent it can make your food look and the more tempting so it can stimulate your appetite even when you're not hungry. According to research in the International Journal of Obesity in America revealed that 71 percent of women will eat more if using a transparent container. So, to reduce your appetite, use food containers are sealed so that you are not tempted to eat your food.

Reduced appetite does require effort and hard work. However, if efforts to reduce your appetite accompanied by regular exercise and adequate rest, then you will not need a long time to get success in your diet.

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