4 Reasons Why Should Not Lose Weight Quickly

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4 Reasons Why Should Not Lose Weight Quickly

There are several things you should look when wanting to lose weight fast lose weight quickly because it was not as beautiful as your shadow.

I am strongly opposed to weight loss with a 'fast' for the following reasons:

1. If you want to lose weight quickly, or say they want to dispose of 10-15kg, meaning that you 'do not' understand how the process of fat burning happens. This will take you to some inappropriate things like, use the products weight loss as I mentioned in my previous article (5 Steps Early Start Diet To Lose Weight). Or you'll be tempted by the offer of the latest diet trends are said to be very sophisticated and fast to lose weight without understanding the basics of proper nutrition.

2. Lowering your intake of calories, such as meals 1-2x a day will damage the RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate (read: Metabolism). The body will always be on the status of hunger and torture as well as your mental body. Metabolism will decrease which means the body will be less and less use of fat as energy. Fat will not be burned.

3. The body just like you, will not like it when told to get out of your comfort zone. With diet and lifestyle that this fattening, for change must be gradual. Telling your body to lose weight by drastically with him out of your comfort zone and be sure the body will reject it. The body does not recognize a drastic diet as a healthy diet, otherwise the body will identify the condition as a condition of starvation due to disaster, and will try to survive (not changed).

4. By drastically lowering calories will also make your mental stress and your subconscious will identify DIET = ordeal to be avoided. So at a time when you are tired, mentally you will find a new comfort and leave your diet is. Finally, the weight has gone down will go up even faster.

All four of the above must be understood properly so that you can determine the next realistic target for your weight loss. Increase your weight does not happen overnight, as well as your weight loss. Make your lifestyle more healthy then your weight will come down gradually.

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