Difficult Maintain Weight Loss? These 5 Things Could Be Cause!

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Difficult Maintain Weight Loss? These 5 Things Could Be Cause!

Lose weight. Many of you who have managed to achieve it and not a few others of you who failed while trying. When you successfully lose weight, the next challenge is to maintain ideal body weight remained.

Similarly, when you are trying to lose weight, maintain weight is also not easy to do. Several reasons are often the cause of why you did not last long with your ideal weight.

Here are 5 reasons why weight loss is difficult to maintain

Body Programmed To Feel Hungry
Your body is naturally programmed to feel hungry. One sign that the body's energy shortage is hungry. When hungry, the only thing that comes to your mind is eating large meals. This is what can lead to excess calories in the body, which leads to weight gain. The solution, when hungry come and eat in small portions with a menu consisting of complex carbohydrates and protein. In addition to a healthy, these foods can keep you full longer.

Weight Change Needs Your Metabolism
By reducing your weight, mean decreases your body also needs calories to maintain weight. If you reduce calories to 1800 calories / day and you managed to drop about 5kg, meaning you only need 1800 calories / day to maintain your weight. Less weight means less energy is needed anyway to keep the cells and tissues to survive.

Accustomed With Which Body Exercises You Can Do
When you perform certain movements at the time of exercise, your body will naturally learn and become accustomed to the exercise. This is why you should increase the burden and intensity of your workout if you want to increase calorie burning in your body. Increase the load and intensity of exercise also serves to help burn more fat and helps to optimize muscle growth.

Too Many Calories Reduce
You need to know if your body still needs calories for energy. If the number of calories consumed is less than calories used, weight will be reduced because the energy reserves of fat to be used. Conversely, if the number of calories in is greater than calories used, weight will increase. The best option is to consume calories according to the activity you are doing nothing less and nothing more. Consuming calories as needed is a wise way to make your body healthy and maintain weight remains ideal.

Frequent Eating Out
Not infrequently also invite your friends to eat out for a specific event or just leisure. When eating out there's a tendency to eat unhealthy foods, such as fast food. These foods contain lots of added sugar, fat, and other additives which can harm health. In addition, if consumed regularly, fast food can lead to obesity and chronic diseases such as heart attacks and diabetes.

Maintaining weight loss requires the same effort as hard as you lower it. Discipline in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an effective weapon to maintain weight. With the ideal weight, you too can live a more ideal.

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