3 things to do this, You will be healthier

Living Healthy ; for a Healthy Lifestyle
Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean hours of training at the gym and eating only salad leaves. It’s about making easy-to-manage healthy choices in your day-to-day living.

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3 things to do this, You will be healthier

Having a healthy body is not the goal while you should feel just a few days. But must take place continuously and in the long term. Health is very important and you must keep for the sake of survival and better quality of life.
Being healthy is not difficult to realize. Many people argue that high workload is a barrier they become healthier. In fact, whatever you busy if you have a strong intention to be healthy, you will keep trying to make it happen.

Here are three simple habits that you can do anytime, even in the midst of you, to make your body healthy and fit.

Standing More Often The study reveals that the habit of sitting long hours can lead to serious health problems, including increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Even dr. James Levine, a Mayo Clinic in Rochester doctor said the disease caused by sitting too long just like a disease caused by side effects of smoking.

To prevent the disease from sitting too long, do the short exercises like squat, lunge, and some stretching exercises on the sidelines of your activities. You can also choose some activities that can enhance the activity of your body such as the up and down stairs instead of elevator, biking to work, or memakirkan farther from the office so you have ample time to walk.

Helping Your Friends
Probably not be surprised if you like helping others can also improve your health. Even the studies say if you like to give kindness to others, you can avoid psychological disorders (depression). In general, people who help other people's problems will focus on the problems people had experienced problems themselves so memorable that feels better than those who were given help.

These habits will help others grow affectionate nature. Nature is what can reduce your feelings of irritability, which can lead to stress and even increase your blood pressure.

Avoid Excessive Use of Mobile Phone
A study showed that the level of stress a person will tend to increase due to too often to check cell phones and other gadgets to view incoming messages every minute. Not to mention the habit of fiddling with the phone until finally the phone you use can not function properly. This habit can divert your attention from other important things, ruin your mood and increase stress.

To fix this, give yourself a break one day of all things related to mobile phones. Try to socialize directly with your relatives, as this will make you more freedom to express and make the body become relaxed. Turn off your cell phone, or turn on silent mode before the break, so you can rest better and fitter kesesokan day.

Hopefully the above tips useful and beneficial to your health today and in the future.

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