Breast Implant Risks And Dangers

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Breast Implant Risks And Dangers

Breast Implant Risks And Dangers - Augmentation Complications Plastic Surgery
It is essential for the individual who is looking to have this type of surgery to consider all the different risk factors associated with it, and to take a moment to ensure that there is a level of understanding in this area While the reasons for having breast implants installed can vary from woman to woman, the risks and dangers are going to remain the same.

Breast Augmentation Infections 
 Infection is perhaps one of the more important dangers that you need to consider when it comes to breast implants. This of course, will cause the woman's breasts to be uneven and additional surgeries will likely be required, procedures that can hold the same risk of infection Because of the location of the breasts, the female who has undergone surgery is prone to infections that can reach the heart and become potentially fatal.

Generally, the infection that is associated with this surgery is one that is treatable with antibiotics; however, additional surgeries may be required to remove the new implant, and a minimum of six months will need to pass before another surgery can potentially occur.

Capsular Contracture Danger
When the implant is placed over the muscle tissue in the chest, a woman has the chance of having a capsular contracture. Women with breast implants also find that there is another concern that they are going to have.

This is a painful condition that causes the new implants to become firm. Women who have this problem will typically find that they need to have their surgery redone to correct the scar tissue and this could result in additional problems

Ruptured Breast Implant Risk
Ruptures tend to be another concern that women end up facing when they have breast implants. Here is a listing of some of the most common problems and concerns that occur when a breast implant ruptures.
  • Breasts can deflate and cause an uneven look.
  • Silicone breasts, when ruptured, can cause an inflammatory response that will cause capsular contracture.
  • Painful and tender breasts
  • Infection
Breast Implants and Cancer 
 Therefore, an increased need for self examination that is diligent when you have this type of surgery done, to avoid any dangers that could occur from undiagnosed breast cancer The problem is that when a woman goes for her mammography, the actual style and location of the breast implant can prevent an accurate picture of the breast tissue.

Breast cancer is still going to remain a concern when a woman gets breast implants, and while some women may find that they have used these implants as part of a reconstructive process, there is still going to be a need for regular checkups. This can result in a test that only gathers a look at 75 - 90% of the actual tissue.

Side Effects and Making Decision
With this, women find that the nipple remains numb at all times and this cannot be undone. While some will not have any of these symptoms, a more common symptom found is nipple numbness. Education is always the most important consideration to make when you are contemplating breast implants or any other plastic surgery procedure

Generally, this happens in about 15% of patients and there is no way to guarantee if you will be affected or not. These are, of course, just some of the risks and dangers that you might encounter when you get breast implants. Even with all these concerns, many women still proceed to get their breast implants done. It is vitally important that you understand the seriousness of these potential dangers and make an educated decision before you completely commit to having breast augmentation surgery.

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