Choosing the Best Self Tanning Method For Fair Skin

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Choosing the Best Self Tanning Method For Fair Skin

It only after repeated application of the tanning creams that you had the remotest chance of getting that much sought after smooth even tan The saddest bit about this early method of ensuring you got that smooth even tan was that almost a whole generation of women of this period ended up with either one or the other form of skin cancer.

As time passed by brands of tanning creams developed. The devastating effect of using these early brands of tanning lotions and creams was that you often found that instead of the tan you desired; you got orange hands. Therefore, rather than the smooth golden bronze tan, you got this ugly orange shade. This was because of overexposure to the sun’s UV rays. The hitch was that if you accidentally fell asleep you would wake up to find your skin baked soar, giving you painful burns.

For those who remember the process I need not remind you that it was a normally painful procedure. This caused them even more devastation than their pale tan ever had. You may laugh now but it was not a laughing matter then. Apart from this sad increase in cases of skin cancer, those who used this traditional method of getting a smooth even tan also experienced severe cases of dryness of the skin.
The only way you could get that smooth even tan was to get baby oil, apply the baby oil and lye in the sun as the sun’s UV radiation worked on you. In the past getting a smooth even tan was a whole different process than it is today. These, just like the old method of tanning; was equally disastrous.

Therefore, you can rest in the knowledge that getting that smooth even tan is as easy as it is possible. No more spending hours in the sun and no more fake orange tan again. Idol Tan is the best self tanning method to date. If you are looking for that smooth even tan today there is Idol Tan – the natural self tanning lotion that will ensure you get that shinny smooth tan that you have always craved for.

After a couple of hour your skin will bear that healthy glow and even smooth tan you have always desired for your light skin. Idol Tan eliminates all those earlier risks of skin damage and skin cancers because it is made of high grade natural ingredients that are very friendly to your skin. Idol Tan comes with a handy liquid base that carries liquid conditioners to help give you that smooth even tan. Get it and get that natural glowing look that will boost your self-esteem and exclaim that you are beautiful Apply Idol Tan, give it a few minutes to dry, thereafter go about you daily business. This self tanning lotion ensures that you can apply it by yourself from the comfort of your home.

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