3 Reasons Stay Away from Cigarettes

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3 Reasons Stay Away from Cigarettes

If you are a hard stop smoking, following recent discoveries that can strengthen your intention:

- A better mood.
Smokers have a greater tendency to suffer from depression, according to a study of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA. But researchers still unclear whether the depression that encourage people to smoke or smoke that causes depression, or even two it becomes a vicious circle.

- Genes are clean.
The smoker is certainly more likely than lung cancer, but research from the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine confirms that the slightest exposure to cigarette smoke causes abnormalities in the cells of the lungs potentially malignant cells in the future.

- Scales remained stable.
It used to quit smoking is considered to derail efforts to lose weight. Now research found that changing diet and stop smoking at the same time it fruitful success. You can stay slim despite no longer smoking.

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